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EastEnders: Denise gets a surprise visitor

Denise gets a surprise visitor

Denise confesses to Carmel she can't track down Jordan. Although Carmel thinks it's unwise for Denise to get involved, she offers her some help. With Patrick and Kim advising Denise to stay away from Lucas and Jordan, Denise grudgingly sees their point. But then Jordan turns up in the Square...

Linda is determined to be a great host for the East London Lady Publican's night in The Vic. Visiting Shirley, Mick asks her to help Linda at the ladies only event. After Linda sends Mick and Lee out, they go to keep Buster company, only to find him packing to leave!

Ben prepares to tell Abi it's over, as he waits for her to return from her skiing trip. When she arrives, she has an injury, giving Ben an excuse not to tell her the truth just yet. When Paul sees Ben and Abi looking happy together, he despairs.

8:00pm, Monday, 8 February 2016 | BBC1

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