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EastEnders: Dean proposes to Roxy + (other Tuesday listings)

Dean proposes to Roxy!

Dean accuses Roxy of leaving the key in the door of Blades after he finds it trashed. Soon realising that Ronnie is the real culprit, Dean angrily confronts her. When Roxy walks in, Ronnie is forced into a difficult situation. After some harsh words, Dean takes drastic action, proposing to Roxy - who accepts!

Mick promises Shirley he'll tell Linda about them as soon as she's back, asking Shirley to keep things quiet for now. After an upset with Elaine, Mick is horrified to realise his secret is out when she guesses he's been seeing Shirley. Will she tell Linda?

Kim tries to remind Vincent of what he's missing after some words of wisdom from Carmel, but only ends up embarrassing herself. It's not long, however, before she's back in Vincent's arms...

7:30pm, Tuesday, 10 November 2015 | BBC1


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