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EastEnders: Concern grows for a broken Phil

Concern grows for a broken Phil

Phil is covered in cuts and bruises, but refuses to reveal what happened to him. When he collapses, an ambulance is called. As Phil recovers in hospital, Marsden arrives wanting to talk about Phil's injuries. Phil tells Marsden he doesn't need her help.

Phil has a heart to heart with Sharon before Ben arrives full of apologies for everything that has happened. After popping out for a bit, Ben returns to find a very fragile Phil. What did Gavin do to him?

Shabnam and Kush are about to share their wedding news with the family when Masood reveals he's got to leave for abroad as his dad has had a heart attack. When Shabnam insists on going ahead with the wedding anyway, Kush finds out her true motives...

*Thursday's episode will air an hour later than normal, at 8.30pm*

7:30pm, Tuesday, 27 October 2015 | BBC1


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