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EastEnders: Claudette turns her back on Vincent (Monday)

Claudette turns her back on Vincent

Vincent confronts Ronnie over the pig’s head, but is she really the one to blame? After someone sends Vincent a delivery of turf, he tries to brush off Claudette’s suspicions. When Vincent is later attacked, Claudette demands the truth. Horrified to learn Vincent is a police informant, Claudette disowns him!

Mick’s concerned about an increasingly stressed Linda. Things get even worse when Cora arrives in the Vic, arguing with Babe. When Cora mentions Ramsgate, Babe is forced to tell Linda the truth about the baby selling. A horrified Linda throws Babe out of the Vic.

Dot gives in to a pushy Elaine, letting her direct the Nativity play. When Stacey visits Dot to get Lily’s Nativity costume she gets more than she bargained for after Dot gives her a Bible for Lily...

8:00pm, Monday, 14 December 2015 | BBC1

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