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EASTENDERS: Carol and Abi find a homeless Cora


Jane worries about what Carol is saying to the police, hurrying over to the Butchers' to find out. Learning that Cora has been spotted at a homeless shelter, Jane drives Carol and Abi to collect her, helping Carol to persuade a confused and desperate Cora to return to the Square.

Cindy has been left looking after Bobby, but heads out to talk to Liam. On her way back, she finds Bobby about to put a brick through Max's car window. Taking Bobby home, Cindy is furious with Bobby, who pushes her over.

When Jane and Ian find Cindy on the floor, Jane is stunned as Cindy tells them a few home truths about Bobby. As Ian tries to defend his son, Jane cracks, deciding to tell the truth. Ian hurries after Jane as she heads to the Butchers'. Will Jane really reveal their dark secret?

8:00pm, Monday, 10 August 2015 | BBC1

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