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EastEnders: Can Ben rid the Mitchells of Gavin?

Can Ben rid the Mitchells of Gavin?

Ben learns that Gavin has been trying to get in contact with Kathy. Suggesting to Phil that they let Marsden deal with it after all, Ben is frustrated when Phil goes off at him. Pushed to the limit, Ben vows to sort out the family. Will Phil listen and will Ben be able to get rid of Gavin for good?

Kush tries to talk to Shabnam about his discovery after encouragement from Martin. When Shabnam won't listen, a frustrated Kush walks out. Martin, meanwhile, is determined to romance Stacey, revealing to Kush that he's going to propose.

Mick secretly heads to Shirley's for a talk. Annoyed when Dean turns up and he has to hide, Mick tells Shirley they need to stop covering up that they're in contact. Meanwhile, Whitney worries for a hungover Lee's job when he turns up late for work.

8:30pm, Thursday, 29 October 2015 | BBC1


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