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EastEnders breaks the watershed as Carol Jackson brands brother Max a 'b*****d'

EastEnders sensationally broke the watershed when they aired the word 'b*****d' during Thursday's episode.

The curse word was dropped during a scene between Carol Jackson (played by Lindsey Coulson) and Max Branning (played by Jake Wood).

As tension heated up between the pair regarding Lucy Beale's murder, Carol dished some select words in her brother's direction.

She called him a "complete and utter bastard".

BBCMax begs Carol to find some money for a good brief
Max begs Carol to find some money for a good brief

Viewers were quick to react to the word, which came before 9pm.

As many began to debate whether it was appropriate or not, show writer Daren Little took to Twitter to issue an apology.

He tweeted: "Sorry if Carol's choice of words offended anyone in tonight's Enders. First time in a soap I've been allowed to write that word."

The tweet has since been deleted.

BBCMax begs Carol to find some money for a good brief
Things between the pair turn tense

The BBC follow strict guidelines when deciding what language makes it onto air.

According to their standards, the word b*****d is deemed as causing moderate offence and 'will require clear editorial justification if their use is to be supported.'

Twitter reaction was varied, with some users believing it was appropriate while others thought it unnecessary.

One person wrote: "Can't believe that Carol Jackson swore live tonight on Eastenders, too much of that on the soaps now."

Another added: "The people complaining about Carol swearing on #eastenders need to get a life #b*****ds."

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