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EastEnders: Alfie gets an urgent summons to the hospital

Alfie Moon

They may have won £1million on a scratchcard last year and moved to Spain, but when Alfie and Kat returned to Walford for Christmas, it was clear money couldn't buy them happiness. The couple's marriage seemed on shaky ground, and Alfie was preoccupied with the brain tumour diagnosis he's been keeping from his wife. So when he gets a call from his doctor this week, he fears the worst…

It's not the start to the year Alfie wanted as he gloomily reflects on why the hospital needs to see him at short notice.

Ian spots Alfie sitting on his own looking troubled and asks him if everything is OK.

Offering support and encouragement, Ian accompanies Alfie to his hospital appointment.

Alfie's terrified about undergoing a brain scan, fearing what it may reveal.

As time ticks on, Ian worries about missing Bobby's boarding school interview. Then he spots Phil…

But is the hard nut the sort of man likely to offer sympathetic support during a health crisis?

In this case, it seems so, as Phil and Alfie have a deep and meaningful chat in the wake of the scan. But what have the doctors told Alfie? Is his brain tumour a death sentence? Find out on EastEnders from Monday, January 4.


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