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Dr Who: Sleep No More (Saturday)

Sleep No More

Many years from now, in a distant future, the Le Verrier Space Station is orbiting the far-flung planet of Neptune when it mysteriously goes silent.

Fearing the crew of the Indo-Japanese vessel may need help, mission control sends a rescue party there, but when it arrives all they find is wreckage and footage of the space station’s final hours…

The Doctor and Clara arrive there too and find this is no ordinary space station. One of the crew, the brilliant scientist Professor Rassmussen (played by Inside No.9 star Reece Shearsmith) has invented a machine that allows people to stay awake for months at a time…

After watching the footage left on Le Verrier, The Doctor and Clara embark upon a very dark adventure…

The Professor’s invention, The Morpheus Machine, allows people who use it to get enough rest in five minutes of sleep to keep them working for months at a time. But has it caused a terrifying side effect?

As the story of what happened on the space station slowly unfolds, it becomes clear that the Doctor and Clara’s concerns about the dangers of the Morpheus Machine are well founded.

Yet despite warnings that his invention poses a risk to the crew and may have catastrophic consequences for the human race, Professor Rasmussen refuses to sacrifice his invention. Can the Doctor and Clara save the day in time or is all hope lost?

8:15pm, Saturday, 14 November 2015 | BBC1

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