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Dr. Who: Face The Raven

Face The Raven

When the Doctor gets a call from an old friend on Earth who’s in mortal danger he and Clara spring into action, but what the Time Lord doesn’t realise is that to save his pal’s life he’ll have to face a host of his greatest enemies!

The friend in distress is Rigsy, the graffiti artist who first met The Doctor and Clara during last series. He finds a number mysteriously tattooed on his neck and begins to worry, but when he realises the number is counting down to zero he knows he’s in deep trouble…

The Doctor knows the tattoo is a countdown to Rigsy’s death and to save him he must find a secret street in London, which has become home to a collection of fearsome aliens from across space and time including Cybermen, Judoon, and a mysterious Raven!

But Rigsy isn’t the only old friend that The Doctor and Clara bump into. When the trio eventually find the secret London street, they discover the only person who can stop the tattoo countdown and save Rigsy’s life is Ashildr (Maisie Williams), the Viking girl who the Doctor made immortal earlier in the series…

Things also get very dramatic for Clara, played by Jenna Coleman who is leaving the show this series. The pair built up a close friendship when they met last year, but before long it’s the Doctor’s companion who finds herself in terrible danger…

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