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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to supporters as he takes the stage for a campaign event in Dallas, Monday, Sept. 14, 2015. (AP Photo/LM Otero)

Donald Trump Vows to Build Border Wall in His 60 Minutes Interview

Less than a week after the election, president-elect Donald Trump is giving his first in-depth interview on 60 Minutes to talk about his controversial immigration policy and the southern border wall with Mexico, one of the pillars of his campaign.

"Are you really going to build a wall?" reporter Lesley Stahl asks, then pivots with "would you accept a fence?"

"For certain areas I would, but certain areas a wall is more appropriate," Trump responded. "I'm very good at this. It's called construction."

Donald Trump will give his first post-election interview on 60 Minutes this Sunday

He also remains firm on deporting undocumented immigrants who have committed crimes while in the U.S., which he estimates number from 2-3 million.

President-elect Trump also plans on keeping his infamous Twitter account going, though he says he will be "very restrained, if I use it all." He went on to credit the popular social media site with his recent victory.

"I think it helped me win all of these races where they're spending much more money than I spent," Trump said. "Social media has more power than the money they spent, and I think maybe, to a certain extent, I proved that."

Watch the entire interview with Trump tonight on 60 Minutes at 7/6c on CBS.

The rest of this first interview with the president-elect will air on 60 Minutes tonight on CBS at 7 PM EST.


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