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Season 1 Episode 2


Alex rejects his new role as the Chosen One, but then a sleeper threat in Vega forces him to spring into action and protect the ones he loves. Meanwhile, Michael meets with Gabriel one last time before the war between angels and mankind reignites; and Gen. Riesen and David Whele try to tie up loose ends...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]

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Starting off with a flashback: Young Alex and his father (Jeep) are playing a sweet game of basketball when they're attacked by a trio of 8-balls: housewife 8-ball, acrobat 8-ball, and dad in cook-out gear 8-ball. Jeep fights them off, and it turns out Alex has some skills in this arena too.

Back in the present, Alex is watching Jeep's funeral from a safe distance – and he's been doing some drinking of the worst kind -- "conflicted hero" drinking. Alex really doesn't want the burden of being The Chosen One, nor the tattoo.

Meanwhile, the Senate has gathered. They're pretty angry with David Whele for bringing that 8-ball into the city. David says that he was trying to teach everyone a lesson, and when the Senate moves to investigate him, General Riesen waves them off.

Alex goes to see Claire, and tells her they should leave town. Claire refuses because they have a responsibility to help save the city. Tensions boil over and Alex leaves mad. Meanwhile, it turns out Senator Whele has been rounding up everyone who happened to witness the tattoo transfer onto Alex's body. If you were in the bunker, looks like you're getting fed to the lions. And, in Boulder, Colorado, Gabriel is throwing a pretty swinging combination angel orgy and angel funeral. He's interrupted by a message from Michael and the two meet on a cliff overlooking the ocean.

Here's why the angels attacked: When God left 25 years ago, the angels basically said, "now's our chance to go claim our birthright." They've always been a little bit mad that God gave the Earth and the bodies to humans. Gabriel wants God to come back, and he thinks this is the only way to get his attention.

In the Vega prison, the delegation of women from Helena stand around in their bikinis, which as we later learn, is "cultural savagery." Arika is taken to see David, who tells her that the murderous child is just more proof that she's very sneaky. He then tells her he needs an air force and tries to blackmail her by threatening her with death. Arika doesn't take the bait though and says that her wife Evelyn will invade if anything happens to her.

At the breakfast table at House Riesen, Claire is having breakfast with Bixby, who has had her hair brushed and a V05 hot oil treatment. General Riesen comes down for breakfast and has a stern chat with Claire, reminding her that she will one day be in charge of Vega. He also reveals that he knows she's in love with Alex. As Claire storms out of the room, the General grabs his heart in pain.

On his way to his new assignment protecting House Whele, Alex reveals to Michael that the tattoo told him to stay away. At his new job, Alex learns that before the war, David was a televangelist (explaining the green suits!) and he asks Alex not to tell anyone about being The Chosen One. Alex agrees, and goes out into the marketplace with William, who hands out extra rations.

It turns out that General Riesen has congestive heart failure. And also, Becca wants to know why he goes outside the city walls. Meanwhile, back in the Vega prison, the ladies from Helena seem to be scratching their way through the floor, until it's revealed that they have poison fingernails!

Outside Claire's room, Alex bumps into Felicia the maid, who sees the tattoos on his arms. Then she sprouts wings! Oh no! She's an angel too! Alex and Claire make up from their earlier fight by getting pretty darn naked and discussing what the tattoos might mean. On their way out of the room, they run into Bixby, and Felicia attacks! In the scuffle, Bixby goes down, Claire is wounded and Alex and Felicia destroy the elevator and the kitchen, until Alex finally kicks her out a window and she flies away wounded.

Back in the jailhouse, David finds that all of the women from Helena have committed suicide with their fingernail shavings. And now it's Arika who blackmails David – she gives him a choice between her freedom or starting a war. She's crafty, that Arika.

In the barracks, Claire comes to find Alex packing to leave town. She tells him she will go with him and he says he can't risk it. He is leaving town to protect her. He leaves her there, and as he tears out of town, the tattoo on his arm changes! To dots!

Meanwhile, in Colorado, the angel returns and Gabriel thanks her for her service and is thrilled to learn the identity of the The Chosen One. Finally, General Riesen walks into a room at the Luxor, and we learn who he's been going to see, an 8-ball! (Named Clementine, but more on that next episode.)


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