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Season 1 Episode 8

"Beware Those Closest To You"

The final stand between Alex and Gabriel changes everything...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



Alex betrays Michael on the Senate floor, saying that he has been hiding the angels in the Archangel core, and he even names Noma as one of the higher angels that Michael has been hiding. Back in their hotel room, Becca confronts Michael and tells him that he's about to be brought up on charges. Michael says he'll save everyone the trouble and jumps out the window after telling her to keep an eye on Louis. He rushes off to the marketplace and attacks Alex.

Meanwhile, back at the spooky acolyte church, William leads a service and this time David Whele is there!  Alex goes to see Claire, who is in her wedding dress and also not wearing white! She tells him that she should have gone with him that night when they tried to leave Vega. This makes Alex throw a bit of a tantrum and tell her that he suspects she's just in it for the power. She's insulted like crazy.

Across town, General Riesen and Arika are plotting something when a delegation arrives from Helena. They have Evelyn's head in a box. Arika, seeing her dead wife, is sad.  Then, in the desert, it turns out to be all a trick! Michael and Alex have been faking it all along! And now they're on their way to unseat Gabriel and possibly put an end to this war. Alex says that all the training he's had – has come to this moment.

Then: a double surprise! Uriel and Arika are having an affair! And a pretty steamy one at that! Also: it turns out that Arika is not Arika – she's Evelyn herself!
Later, Claire and William get married, which is a subdued affair for all the hubbub surrounding it. William tells her that they don't have to sleep together and Claire seems to be up to something. William Whele, it turns out, is not great with girls.

Meanwhile, Michael and Alex go out to a water park and Michael confesses to the fact that he did, for a while, actually murder the bejeezus out of humans. Michael used to be really into killing people, but then Gabriel and Uriel stopped him by beating him to within an inch of his life.

Michael tells Alex that this could be his redemption; that's when Noma turns up.

Noma shows up and says that she once had an affair with Furiad, but that's all over now. Noma and Alex have a bit of a jealous lover's spat, and she apologizes for lying to him. Her orders had been to watch out for him. Alex gets it, (sort of) but also doesn't want to pretend that everything is back to normal.

General Riesen tells Becca that he intends to leave Vega and head to New Delphi because he doesn't want to spend his dotage in Nevada. Arguably, this is one of the first things that General Riesen does that makes sense.

Noma and Alex decide to take Gabriel down, and he promises to do whatever it takes. Back at the Riesen compound, Claire meets Uriel in person. Shortly thereafter, Uriel confirms that Claire is pregnant with The Chosen One's baby! Uriel's plan is to whisk Claire back to Helena, translate the markings on Alex's body, and use whatever knowledge she gains to defeat Michael and Gabriel and end the fighting once and for all.

Noma takes a trip to Gabriel's ski lodge and says that she's there to offer up a meeting with the Chosen One. But instead, Noma gets herself caught and put in jail. Gabriel knows that it's a trap.

General Riesen drives off in a tank to try to make his way to New Delphi just as Gabriel shows up at the gates of Vega and the guards shoot at him really hard until nothing happens. Gabriel surrenders, and the senate debates whether or not they should blow him up, or ask him some questions. Claire thinks she knows what's going on. David wants to protect Gabriel because he's working for him! When she confronts David, they drink whiskey and team up.

Claire confronts Gabriel about his motives, and they chat about all kinds of things. Her favorite flower (Desert Sage!), that he's looking to end the war, that Michael was once pretty crazy violent. Gabriel confronts her right back. Finally, as he freaks Claire out, Michael and Alex show up. She forbids them from talking to Gabriel but they do it anyway.

William and David catch up over (ever more amounts of) whiskey and argue about whether or not Gabriel is here to destroy them. William tells his father to prevent his execution no matter what. Meanwhile Alex goes to see Gabriel, and they circle each other dramatically in the glass prison cell. Alex learns he is going to be a father, Gabriel is weakened after he's electrocuted, and then Michael shows up and they talk about how they're twins and how being created together makes them be able to hear each other's thoughts, basically. Then Gabriel does a pretty good job of convincing Michael to hate humans again.

Alex goes to see Claire about the baby and she tells him that he can't be a father to the child, so she's going to raise the baby with William. Alex freaks out and wants to move Claire to a bunker until Gabriel is dead. He calls Michael, who is on his way into Becca's lab, where he finds out that the angels have been being dissected. Michael finds Louis, who has been dissected while alive.

Gabriel escapes his glass cube with the help of some crooked guards, who immediately commit suicide. Horribly, Becca shows up at about the wrong time and Michael is furious. Michael murders Becca! Then he shoots some guards! Alex opens fire and the two have some actual fighting wherein Alex actually gets a good slice into Michael, who realizes what he's done and flies through the ceiling.

Gabriel shows up and tells Alex that the only way to end the war is for them to work together. Alex says no, and Gabriel threatens to burn the city down and kill Noma. Meanwhile, Claire and William meet, chat about the baby and William says he'll raise the baby as if it's his own. And he brought flowers! Desert sage! Aw that's so swe…wait a minute.  Claire's furious. She realizes that William is an acolyte for Gabriel, and has him sent to the servant's quarters.

Gabriel meets with Uriel and she pledges her allegiance. But, is she loyal? Hard to tell! David Whele goes to the acolyte church and starts to lead them, but uh-oh, he's setting them all on fire! David drives William out to the desert, and pulls out a gun to execute him. David says he may be broken but he's not going to kill his only son. So, instead, he drives him out to the desert and drops him off with a back pack full of supplies and tells him that whatever he does, he can never come back to Vega.

Back in Vega, Claire reads the letter from Alex, written to the baby. Alex, meanwhile, is climbing the rocks to Gabriel's temple. When Michael goes out to the ocean to do some thinking, he is interrupted by, uh-oh, another angel; someone Vega hasn't seen yet - Lucifer.


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