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Season 1 Episode 6

"Black Eyes Blue"

Alex seeks Michael and Claire’s help to exorcise captive eight-balls of their angel possessors; David closes in on William’s underground acolytes; Riesen overturns David’s plans to usurp power...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



After the shocking reveal that Clementine is Claire’s mother, Alex and Michael go to the old casino vault where she’s being held. Alex reveals that his big plan is to perform an “eviction” – because he’s read that The Chosen One is apparently capable of doing so. Michael is not so sure because evictions never go well at all, but Alex is willing to take the risk.

Meanwhile, Claire turns up to see General Riesen, who is terrified because Claire has found the music box that Clementine has left there. She thinks it was his wedding gift.  He mentions that David Whele will try to unseat him and Claire vows to not let that happen.

David Whele shows up to see William before his preaching service and reveals that the crazy eye burlap strap was found in the house. He also delivers a possibly threatening message that the Black Acolytes  (the name of William’s organization of Gabriel worshippers, it turns out) have made their way into the upper parts of society.

Michael drops in on Uriel with a Vermeer, and tries to exchange it for a book called the Apocrypha. See, what the book does is help evict angels from the 8-balls, returning them to their human state. High stakes stuff among the angel siblings because this could open the floodgates to all of the angels being evicted from the 8-ball bodies. Uriel says no, but she wants something else. And that’s to look at Alex naked.  (She wants to see the tattoos).  After getting a good long look, she hands the book over to Alex, which he can’t read. Then things get super complicated when the tattoos move down Alex’s arm and into the book! Now he can read the book! Amazing!

In the market, William stops by to see his new devotee friend. William tells him that the Acolytes need to disband for the time being because David Whele is on a warpath.  In the meantime, Michael goes to see Clementine, and we get a little more about how the 8-balls came in to being. The higher angels already had bodies, see, but basically when the war started, the lower angels were forced to side with Gabriel and take human bodies. Fair enough. This one just happened to take Riesen’s wife.

Alex takes Claire down to meet with Clementine. When Claire realizes that General Riesen knew about this all along, she gets super angry. Alex tells her that he’s sure that her mother is still in there. Claire only agrees to go along with it when Alex says that he believes that his status as The Chosen One is going to help things.

And then, the entire gang of Black Acolytes is killed. Arika and the General talk about the war, and it turns out the General knows that Helena doesn’t have an air force. All they have is a B-52 bomber and a couple of helicopters. Arika and the General discuss the idea of dropping a nuclear bomb on Gabriel’s compound: because they have the combined power to do so.

Claire sees Clementine, and is actually convinced that her mother exists somewhere within her. It turns out that Clementine has a relationship with Claire’s mother, they’re sort of sharing the body.  Claire agrees to whatever Alex is proposing.

Alex and Michael and Claire decide to try to evict the 8-ball from the mother. And after a powerful incantation from the Apocrypha, the 8-ball soul leaves Clementine’s body. As Clementine returns to life, they’re reunited, but then…the spirit leaves her body and things go really badly and Clementine’s eyes cloud over. Claire is furious and leaves.

In the Senate chamber, General Riesen tells David that he’s made a deal to send Arika back to Helena, where she’ll take it over and then Vega will govern Helena too.  It turns out that General Riesen has saved his own skin by having the no-confidence vote without David there. Then at dinner, Claire confronts the General with the knowledge that he’d been keeping Clementine a secret all this time. Claire tells her father that immediately after the wedding, he will step down, or she will expose him for keeping Clementine alive.

Having realized that the Black Acolytes were wiped out, William goes to see David Whele to confront him about murdering all of his friends. William reveals that he’s in charge of the Acolytes, and then wow, all hell breaks loose. David threatens to expose him and then William kicks the tarnation out of him.

Michael asks Uriel to stop drawing the tattoo markings, or at the very least to promise never to show them to Gabriel. And she promises, while the Acolytes meet and William decides to bring David into the light with one of his rib-cracking ceremonies. Which is pretty much exactly what happens. And finally, Claire heads down to the vault to suffocate her mother and put her out of her misery.


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Alex faces deadly angel as he explores his past outside of Vega, David and Arika hatch new schemes and Claire is forced to choose between love and duty.

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