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Season 1 Episode 5

"Something Borrowed"

Alex begins training with Michael, but a vision causes him to go rogue; Claire takes risks to protect Riesen; David makes moves to secure his power...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



Alex and Michael head out to the desert to learn how to better fight angels. Michael calls out the fact that Bixby is dead and Alex gets angry. Much like Yoda, it's time to use that anger. Big things are coming.

Backstory Flashback! David Whele defends himself and his family from 8-balls
But it's too late; one of them has eaten his wife, Eleanor. He nearly kills a small version of young William, and then back in the present, David and William have a sad moment at breakfast. David tells William to cherish their time together. David is a complicated guy. He's a bad guy with issues.

Claire goes to see Alex, and they're sad about Bixby together. She confirms she's marrying William and now they can't be together. Later, at the Riesen breakfast table, Noma stops in to talk to Claire, and they reveal that they're all putting on a good show for the wedding to keep the lower parts of society happy. David stops by and gives Claire something borrowed. It's a pendant from his wife. The happy moment is interrupted when David tells Claire that Senator Romero is going forward with a vote of no confidence.

Clementine stops into a shop and tries to buy a music box. And the guy behind the counter realizes she's an 8-ball, goes to shoot her, and ends up dead when she grabs him by the throat and kills him. Because that's pretty much what 8-balls do.

When General Riesen tells Clementine she shouldn't have gone inside the city walls, she tells him that she's lonely, she has nowhere to go and that she's tired of living in the hotel alone.  Resin tells her he'll think of something. Meanwhile, David tells Becca that she needs to support his bid to unseat General Riesen. If she doesn't, he'll tell everyone about the orgies she's been having with Michael and some ladies.  He's blackmailing her while calling her a whore in the process. Again, he's a bad guy with issues.

William Whele preaches to the choir that the Chosen One will protect them all, but is distracted by his new convert who really shouldn't be here at all. William sends him away just as Claire wanders up and asks William to stop his father, and she asks for blackmail material. William promises that he'll ask David to back off.

Back in the orgy hotel room, Michael is doing some angel tai chi when Becca tells him that they're breaking up. Meanwhile, downstairs in the locker room, Noma asks Ethan if he has any lipstick (he does!) when Alex comes in to tell them that he's going out to help find the 8-ball who killed that poor merchant.  General Riesen goes to visit Claire but then General Riesen finds that Clementine is there, at Claire's house!  Riesen threatens Clementine, Clementine threatens Riesen, and Clementine jumps off the balcony.  General Riesen: A good guy with issues.

William goes to see his father when he finds the weird burlap handkerchief with spooky eyes drawn on it. He tries to burn it, but is unsuccessful and it ends up in the bottom drawer of David's desk. David enters and thinks that this is about sex, because that's sort of always his first thought, right? William tells David that he shouldn't be trying to oust General Riesen, and they have a messed up father-son bonding moment.

General Riesen goes to see Michael to ask that he find Clementine himself. Michael knows that Riesen has been schtupping Clementine, and then is confused when General Riesen says that she needs to be killed. While Michael and Riesen talk shop, Alex and Noma look for the 8-ball that's on the loose. Also it turns out  have much more of a past than we realized: they had an affair a while back and she saved his position by ending their relationship. Will they now be able to get back together since Claire is marrying William?  No time for that – there's an 8-ball on the loose.

Becca tells the three ladies that it's time to end their orgies and they're all sent off to Helena, while the engagement gets under way. Claire gets Ethan to sneak her into David's office and snoop through his stuff. Where she finds, get this: the handkerchief with the spooky eyes on it!

Back at the engagement party, Claire confronts David Whele to tell him she knows he's working for Gabriel (though he's not).  She threatens him and stuffs the handkerchief in his pocket. At the party, Claire gives a passionate speech about missing her mother, and the biggest surprise yet, her mother's identity: It's Clementine!


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