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Season 1 Episode 4

"The Flood"

A powerful Vega senator takes the city’s leaders and food supply hostage while demanding the secret identity of the Chosen One is made public; Michael is called to a family meeting of archangels...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



Having been arrested for desertion, Alex is dragged off to prison where he's beaten up. Prison's a rough place in Vega, as you might expect, and prisoners are generally strip-searched. This would mean that the guards would see his "Chosen One" tattoo, and so Alex chooses to get himself thrown into solitary confinement rather than face the guards in the, shall we say, altogether.

Across Vega, Michael is healed by a mysterious, unseen person who drips some substance on his body. He wakes up in bed with Becca and tries to break up with her because he thinks she deserves better than him. This happens a lot in Vega, but love usually wins out, and Becca says she's not going anywhere.

While they're sleeping, a blonde woman sneaks into the bedroom with a pretty awesome sword and tries to kill Becca. Michael thwarts this plan, and it turns out the blonde woman's name is Uriel and she's Michael and Gabriel's sister.

That morning, Claire goes to visit Bixby in the hospital, and Bixby, who seems to be on a lot of medication, mentions that she actually saw The Chosen One. Claire tells her to keep quiet, but Senator Frost has heard the whole thing. Immediately afterward, Senator Frost tells the Senate that they should ignore all their other problems and make revealing The Chosen One their top priority. Pretty much everyone calls him a foolish old man and they all move on.

Uriel, it turns out, has called Gabriel and Michael to the San Francisco Public Library, where she's collecting art of them. Uriel tells them that it's time for a family meeting, and we learn that she's never chosen sides between them.

In prison, Alex has a groovy psychedelic fever dream. Water pours all over him and the tattoo changes so that the words: "She died for you" appears on his arms. Alex wakes up to find Claire has come to visit him. He tries to convince Claire that since everyone he comes in contact with seems to get hurt, it's probably just best that he stay in prison. Claire tells him he's abandoning Bixby just like his father abandoned him and ultimately, frees him from jail.

Meanwhile, Noma has been posted to guard Arika, who flirts with her and tells her that at some point, she'll be the leader of Helena, and when that happens she'll need a bodyguard. She's basically offering Noma the job, and Noma considers it.

Alex visits Bixby in the hospital and she tells him that her getting hurt when Felicia the angel attacked – is not Alex's fault. Alex disagrees and they share red jello.

David Weel and General Riesen are summoned to Vega's agriculture center, where Senator Frost basically reveals himself to be a James Bond-level supervillian. He has a device that can flood all the crops at the touch of a button, and he'll use it if he's not given an meeting with the Chosen One.

In the Senate, with David and General Riesen missing and presumably locked in the agricultural tower, Becca appoints Claire the Lady of the City. Which means she's fully in charge and needs to make a decision about their course of action – raid the tower or not.

Back in the library in San Francisco, Uriel and Michael commiserate over the fact that their father (God) is gone and that they both miss him.

Back in the agriculture tower, David tries to appease Senator Frost and take his phone away, but the Senator gets an itchy trigger finger, flips out, and shoots David in the leg. As the Core (the police) start to move in, Noma and Ethan tell Alex that all Senator Frost really wants is an meeting with The Chosen One.

When the Core leaders won't listen to Alex, Claire pulls rank and sends Alex in as a negotiator. Alex takes his shirt off and the Senator sees the tattoo but still doesn't believe him. When Senator Frost asks him for real proof, Alex takes a stab in the dark and says: "She died for you." Senator Frost reveals that this message was indeed meant for him, and he believes Alex is The Chosen One. All is well, until General Riesen shoots Senator Frost anyway. He rationalizes that the secret about The Chosen One can't get out.

We get a brief glimpse of Becca studying the sword that harmed Michael and seeming like she's on to something. Uriel and Gabriel face off and it seems as though she's being swayed to join him in his quest to take back The Chosen One, and finally…

David comes to visit Bixby in the hospital. He grabs her hand, makes sure she's okay, and then turns the respirator off and kills her. Rest In Peace, Bix.


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