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Season 1 Episode 3

"Broken Places"

Alex attempts to escape his responsibilities as the Chosen One by leaving Vega, but an encounter with Gabriel's forces leave him and Michael fighting for their lives; Riesen goes too far in the name of security...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



William meets with the Archangel Gabriel in a diner in the middle of nowhere, where they discuss William’s future and how he’s going to be helping Gabriel from now on. When William gets a little freaked out by this, Gabriel proves to him that he’s a dude to be trusted, by smacking a fork into the eye of a waitress. Then he tells William to get his followers on-board, and enjoys a quick sundae.

Meanwhile Alex is on his way out of town and is fairly mopey that he’s alone and left Claire behind in Vega. While back on the outskirts of town, General Riesen gets dressed after a (probably?) long night with Clementine, his 8-ball girlfriend.

Arika visits David and they share a drink and talk about their mutual needs. David wants an air force and Arika wants his sweet nuclear reactor technology to take back to her wife, the leader of Helena. David sends Arika back to Evelyn to broker a deal.

Meanwhile, out in the desert, Alex learns that angels have been attacking out of nowhere from the sky, while over in the senate, things get a little out of hand when Michael tells the Senate that he had no idea that other angels could be living within the city walls. Things get tense between David and Michael when the Senate is reminded that before he chose to help the humans, Michael was “one of them.”

Noma chats with Ethan, who seems like a bit of a grifter and can apparently get you anything you need. The two are Alex’s friends and they both seem concerned that he’s not been around lately. And then here’s a twist we didn’t see coming – it turns out there are other angels living on the Earth, and Michael has kept them quiet because basically they’re refugees caught up in the war. But he issues a warning to Louis, the marketplace angel – the time has come for them to decide to either stand with him or leave town. Michael freaks out and flies away when Ethan tells him that Alex is gone.

Claire and her dad fight about the fact that the system he created to keep order in town is actually enslaving people and creating a dangerous social order. General Riesen cracks and finally reveals that he has a bum ticker.

David Whele corners Becca after a Senate meeting and says that he wants her to study Michael, and the two also quickly discuss the fact that sleeping with an angel makes one a pariah, with David's subtle hint being that Becca better start doing autopsies on higher angels or he'll tell the word she's doing it with Michael.

Michael goes to visit Alex, who is very resistant to being The Chosen One. Michael tells Alex that he’ll leave him alone completely if he goes to one more location, and Alex agrees. Turns out they’re headed to Alex’s childhood home, where Alex sees visions of Jeep trying to work out what the tattoo means. Alex remembers the death of his mother, and then Michael reveals that he was the one who told Jeep to give Alex up. After all, he’d be safer this way. Michael says, tears in his eyes, that he’ll do anything to protect Alex.

Meanwhile, back in Vega, Arika gets a package while Ethan comes to see her. And the package is…the dead body of Arika’s sister. Eventually, David comes in and tells Arika that she’s no longer helpful to his cause because it looks like her wife has abandoned her. Arika tells him that if he gives her amnesty she’ll penetrate Evelyn’s inner circle.

In the desert, Furiad and Andrew Dice 8-ball are on the lookout for Alex, who has stopped to have a quick game of basketball. Alex is still on about this “not being The Chosen One” business and even protests that there were probably many other babies born that day. Just when he asks Michael to explain what else he needs to know, Furiad attacks the two. In the heat of the fight, Michael realizes that Alex’s life is in danger and is stabbed.

William leads a church service where he tells his followers, who wear these really creepy burlap masks with old person eyes, that it’s time they all start worshipping Gabriel and not Michael. And then he cracks the ribs of an initiate. So you know he’s serious. Arika takes a quick break to leave a beacon beeping on her windowsill and Alex rushes into town, drops Michael off at the ER and is promptly arrested for desertion.

We learn that Gabriel is a jazzman when Furiad comes in and tells him that he stabbed Michael, which turns him into an angry jazzman and he murders a random lady 8-ball.



William and Gabriel meet at a diner where we learn that Gabriel is super into various types of custards.

The diner scene also clues us in to the fact that Gabriel is a pretty bad dude who will put a fork in the eye of a waitress.

This is General Riesen’s girlfriend, Clementine. She’s an 8-ball, sure, that’s awkward, but they seem like good friends.

Turns out that Furiad’s angels are attacking out of nowhere. It’s a bad time to be tearing across the desert toward New Delphi.

Gabriel’s right-hand man, the Angel Furiad. Wears a red suit, rewards the faithful – like Santa Claus but more brutal.

These two are Noma and Ethan, soldiers in the army and friends of Alex. They all seem to take a lot of showers together.

Turns out, there are a group of angels who are just living among the regulars. This one is Louis.

Freedom fighter Claire proves that change starts at home as she confronts her father about his oppressive system of government.

Alex and Michael go to Alex’s boyhood home, where Alex has some disturbing visions of his father writing on the walls.

When Arika’s dead sister arrives in a box, things take a turn for her. Professionally, mainly, but you know, also with the feelings.

Furiad and a 1990’s Andrew Dice Clay 8-ball hit the road looking for Alex and Michael.

Well this is just straight spooky. David shows up to help Arika with the funeral of her sister, and it sort of turns into a creeper sponge bath.

Michael has sworn a vow to do anything to protect Alex. And that includes getting stabbed right in the guts.

David Whele tells this really gross story about what it’s like to watch lions have sex. You gotta hand it to the guy; he has this evil thing down.

William Whele leads a church service wherein his followers wear terrifying burlap masks and crack each other’s backs.


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