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Sun Trap: Episode 4 Preview - BBC One

Dodgy goings-on at the casino - Sun Trap: Episode 4 Preview - BBC One

Woody gets Zorro out of trouble at the casino - but can he find who's stealing from the Gamberos Bros before they lose patience? And was it them that sung 'MMM Bop'?

Brutus sacks his barman Zorro after he goes missing, and replaces him with a new barman, New Zorro. Three days later, Old Zorro returns and pleads for his job back, explaining that he has had a run of bad luck at the casino. He then reveals that, in a desperate attempt to win back his money, he has gambled the bar - and lost it! And to save his knees, Zorro did a deal with the casino manager, who agreed to waive the debt if Woody will do a job for him.

Somebody is ripping off the casino and he needs to find out who it is before the casino's owners - the Gamberos brothers and notorious gangsters - arrive on the island in 48 hours' time. With Melody by his side, Woody goes undercover. Will he find the thief before the Gamberos brothers arrive and Brutus loses his beloved bar forever?

Guest starring Keith Allen, Michelle Collins and Martin Marquez.

Sun Trap: Episode 4 Preview - BBC One

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