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Doctors: Will Zara go back to work? (Monday)


Zara's not adjusting well to staying at home. Howard visits with some paperwork and winds her up when he suggests she hasn't found a replacement yet. Seeing Jess is struggling with the workload, Zara asks if she help her out part-time. Outside, Zara takes a phone call; she has another meeting to go to. Later, the person she's meeting is revealed...

Niamh and Ayesha both discover a positive pregnancy test at the house and both assume the other is pregnant. Niamh is worried by Ayesha's plans to go out drinking with Hayden so offers to talk through her 'options'. But Ayesha has news for her…

Also, the death of his father-in-law causes an Ex-Pat to make a decision about his own future.

1:45pm, Monday, 5 October 2015 | BBC1

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