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Season 2 Episode 1

"An Ideal Husband"

Marisol finds love; Peri tries to keep Rosi and Spence apart; Adrian and Evelyn hire a bodyguard...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button] 8



Three months have passed, and Marisol has found a new love. She is engaged to Nicholas Deering. Opal, his maid, is trying to get rid of her. It seems like she is jealous of Marisol, or she might be trying to caution her because of what happened to Nichols’ wife. Opal and Nicholas have a secret. Nicholas’ ex-wife might have been pushed off a bridge, and Opal’s son was the only other witness.


Evelyn and Adrian’s dinner party was interrupted by armed robbers. Adrian has become scared, so they decide to hire a bodyguard. Later we see the robbers fencing the stolen items for cash, which they give to the homeless people on the street.


Carmen is enjoying the life of being a celebrity beard. Her only problem is Odessa. Odessa refuses to wait on her, and when Carmen pushes Odessa too far, Odessa threatens to quit. Then Alejandro tells Carmen that she will have to do the cleaning, so Carmen goes to Odessa and begs her to stay. They make up, and Odessa terlls her that she has changed her mind about leaving.


Rosie is allowed to stay in the country for six months, pending her request for asylum. Peri is trying everything she can to keep Rosie and Spence apart. Peri has announced that she is pregnant. When Rosie hears about it from Spence, she doesn’t want to be with him. Next we see Peri going to her doctor and say, “I need to get pregnant right now!”


Remi and Valentina have broken up. Remi is still in Africa, while Valentina has returned home. She refused to tell Zoila, so Genevieve had her move into the mansion. That’s when Valentina meets Ethan, the Delatour’s new pool man, who flirts with her. When Zoila finds out about Valentina’s return, she insists that she move back home.  Valentina refuses and decides to take a job with the Powells!








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