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Designated Survivor: Hannah Gives Mike Some Bad News

When we last saw Designated Survivor, Hannah (Maggie Q) had just come across some scary documents stashed in the hard drive of one of the conspirator's laptops. Those files? Oh, just top-secret government schematics showing how to blow up three of the country's most famous landmarks: The Golden Gate Bridge, The Statue of Liberty and Hoover Dam.

Now, she's showing them to Kirkman's inside man, Mike (LaMonica Garrett). He's not as optimistic as Hannah is, reminding everyone that thousands of people visit these sites every day and their destruction could be in the plans for the conspirators.

Also, can we talk about Hannah's place for a second? Is this her new apartment? Is she in someone's basement? Where is Chuck living now? These are questions we need answers to!

A new Designated Survivor airs Wednesday at 10/9c on ABC.

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