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Demi Lovato and Boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama TV Show Feud?

Although it makes very little sense given her enviable Hollywood figure, Demi Lovato is said to be so jealous of her boyfriend's costars on From Dusk til Dawn that she can't stand it. According to the latest gossip news updates, the "Cool for the Summer" singer doesn't trust Wilmer Valderrama around the TV show cast and was furious that the he's going back for another season. Word has it that the former Disney diva demanded the showrunners hook her up with a 2015 cameo to make sure nothing funny was going on behind her back, or else.

While it seems hard to believe that Demi Lovato would be completely elated at the news that her boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama, would be staring in El Rey network's From Dusk til Dawn TV series, rumor has it that the 22-year-old singer is anything but.

One source in the latest August 3, issue of Star magazine claims that no matter how hard Wilmer tries to convince her otherwise, Demi believes that she just can't measure up to the competition:

"Demi's very self-conscious about her body and always has been.

"Wilmer goes above and beyond to assure Demi that she's beautiful and that her loves her, but it doesn't matter...She's constantly worried that he might stray."

According to the informant, Demi becomes so manic about Wlimer's working onFrom Dusk til Dawn that she actually started bullying the showrunners:

"Demi gets so insecure about Wilmer working with these gorgeous girls.

"She personally called the producers to demand a guest appearance on the show so she could spy on him."

Wilmer certainly seem to do an excellent job reinforcing Demi's positive body image when he recently posted a humorous picture to Instagram celebrating Lovato's supersexy lingerie inspired outfit from her new "Cool for the Summer" music video:

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