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EastEnders: Dean reveals Ronnie's dirty tricks to Roxy!

Roxy is pushed by Ronnie to tell the truth, forced to admit that she's still seeing Dean in secret. After a huge argument, Ronnie concedes that it's not her business, agreeing to stay out of Roxy's love life.

Determined to take control of the situation, Ronnie invites Dean to dinner. Thinking Ronnie has backed down, Dean is stunned when she warns him that things will go badly for him if he ever hurts her sister.

Shocked by Ronnie's threats, Dean tells Roxy what happened. When Roxy tries to defend Ronnie, Dean can't believe Roxy is being so blind. Dean tells Roxy that Ronnie has been spying on her, hiding a CCTV camera in the house...

Also, further evidence in the murder investigation comes to light, while Carol comes to a shocking realisation.

7:30pm, Thursday, 13 August 2015 | BBC1

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