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Deadliest cat on Earth - Big Cats: Preview - BBC One

In the Karoo desert, South Africa, a black-footed cat stalks its prey. With a 60% success rate, they're the deadliest of all cats.

The secret lives of the worlds most mysterious cats are brought to light by advances in remote and low-light filming technology. In South Africa, we follow the nocturnal pursuits of the tiny black-footed cat that stakes its claim to the title of the world's deadliest, and in remotest Mongolia we reveal the rarely seen Pallas's cat, at home with her kittens - she hunts by looking like a rock. Finally, in South Africa, we uncover the secret of the serval that thrives amongst the futuristic landscape of Africa's biggest industrial complex. These are remarkable cats, with surprising lives in extraordinary places.

Big Cats BBC

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