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Television presenter Davina McCall unveils her new range of spiralizers for Lakeland during the retailerÕs autumn and Christmas preview at Somerset House in London.

Davina McCall reveals she’s called her doctor twice in tears convinced she has Alzheimer’s

TV presenter Davina McCall has spoken about her family history of Alzheimer's disease and why she recently thought she was suffering from it

Davina McCall has phoned her doctor twice in tears fearing she is suffering from Alzheimer’s like her father.

The former Big Brother presenter praised her father, Andrew, and grandmother who has dementia, as both being ‘inspirational’.

She told Good Housekeeping magazine: “I have called my doctor twice in floods of tears saying ‘I’ve definitely got it’.


Davina McCall (Ian West/PA)

Davina McCall (Ian West/PA)


“She told me ‘If you had Alzheimer’s you wouldn’t be calling me about it’.

“I’m only forgetful because my inbox is full and I have cognitive overload.

“I don’t drink, don’t smoke and I’m in good health. If I get ill, I get ill – it’s a lottery.

“None of us knows what’s going to happen around the corner. You just have to enjoy life.”


She said her father’s upbeat attitude is ‘quite extraordinary’.

“When you see the way he is dealing with it, you realise you can’t mope around.

“My lovely granny is very confused now, but she is happy. They are both pretty inspirational.”

Davina, who has battled drug addiction, told the June issue of the women’s magazine that as she has become older she is less concerned with what people think of her. She will turn 50 in October this year.

She said: “There are lots of things that I am beginning to enjoy and realise are OK.

“I genuinely care a lot less about what people think of me. As you grow older, I think you’ve earned the right to wear something that might divide people.

“I want to take risks! When I was younger I would be upset about it (being criticised in the media).

“Now, I couldn’t give two hoots. I’m wearing what I’m wearing. Get over it!”

The full interview is in the June issue of Good Housekeeping, out on May 3.

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