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Season 1 Episode 3

"The Man Who Killed Blackbeard"

When British soldiers capture Kate, Blackbeard and Lowe embark on a dangerous rescue mission; a secret binds Selima and Rider...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



After a night of lovemaking, Lowe and Kate wake up in each other's arms. Kate explains that the moment cannot linger - she must head to Adderley Cay to secure provisions for the island. She leaves straight away and arrives without incident, meeting her contact and bargaining with loot from Lowe's former ship, the HMS Petrel. This time, however, she senses danger as their small talk extends - and rightly so. A band of Redcoats emerges from the beach and detains her in an instant; her contact sold her out. The soldiers tie her to a post and await the arrival of their notorious boss, Governor of Jamaica, William Jagger.

Meanwhile, a medical emergency summons Lowe to the bordello where he discovers Nelly in labor, her pregnancy a total surprise. With Fletch's help, he delivers the baby and later, alone with Blackbeard, the two ponder Santa Campana's first child. It leads Blackbeard to consider himself, and he admits to Lowe that his visions, voices and intense headaches continue.

Word reaches the island that the British captured Kate, spurring Blackbeard to organize a rescue mission as he notes that the whole island could be in jeopardy based on Jagger's reputation for torture and his victims' propensity for giving up secrets. Balfour, wise only to his wife's respect for Lowe, almost begs Lowe to help retrieve Kate since he suspects Blackbeard's strategy may involve killing her. This motivates Lowe to stow away on Blackbeard's ship, The Reaver. Once the crew discovers him, he faces death as punishment, but Blackbeard rejects the notion and the two men agree to work together to rescue Kate.

Back at Santa Campana, the entire island prepares for British invasion, with Nenna alerting everyone in the camp to ready themselves. In the tumult, she spies on Rose and notices her hiding a stash of valuables. In her haste, Rose misses the sight of Nenna plucking a single jewel - the one Blackbeard gave her for her role in Valentine's death.

Rider, on orders from the commodore, attempts to take Selima to safety, but she resists, threatening to kill herself with a dagger based solely on her distrust of his motives. When he forces her to a secure room, a wave of anxiety overtakes Selima and she stabs Rider in the stomach. Selima regrets it immediately, and Rider cauterizes the wound with a hot blade. She confesses her true fear: agoraphobia, the inability to go outside. In turn, Rider reveals that Blackbeard instructed him to kill her if necessary... but that he could never hurt her. Their eyes lock... and so do their lips. A moment of passion overtakes them and they make love.

As predicted, Jagger wastes little time in torturing Kate for information on Blackbeard. She weathers the physical beating, but he remains undeterred as it becomes clear he has a more insidious plan: a coffin and a freshly dug grave. Redcoats shove Kate into the coffin against her will and bury her alive.

Jagger sips coffee and waits while Kate's muffled screams emanate from six feet below... until a blast from the sea demands Jagger's attention: the Reaver is now visible from the shore. Jagger and his men head back to the ship in pursuit, only to find the ship empty. It was a trick! As Jagger and his crew scramble, Blackbeard and Lowe raid the burial site, killing the remaining soldiers and digging up a traumatized but alive Kate.

Blackbeard, Lowe and Kate return to Santa Campana to cheers and revelry as the island celebrates its livelihood. But how far can Balfour read into Lowe's charmed glances at his wife? And how long can Selima keep her indiscretion a secret from her supposed lover, Blackbeard?


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