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Season 1 Episode 8

"How Far Would You Go"

Finley closes in on the location of Gibson's hideout while Dunn makes a daring rescue attempt to save her sister's life...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]




Dunn calls her sister to warn her of the impending abduction, but she's too late. Meg is already in the clutches of Gibson's henchmen, who instruct Dunn to release Dr. Clarenbach immediately. Clarenbach drops a bomb on the agents, claiming that Gibson is behind the hostage crisis.

Finley sneaks Clarenbach into FBI headquarters to review the case files. Clarenbach recognizes the mansion, but before he reveals the location he wants to cut a deal: he'll tell Finley where the mansion if the agent lets him walk away. Finley agrees to the deal.

While Finley and Clarenbach are en route to the mansion, Gibson contacts another parent, Jacob Vries, who sets off to retrieve Clarenbach after dispatching his FBI bodyguards. Dunn warns Finley that Vries is on his tail, but Finley assures her that he has the situation under control.

Meanwhile, Dunn arrives at the predetermined location to make the Clarenbach exchange (without Clarenbach). A homeless man gives her a note that reads, "you just killed your sister." Moments later, a body is dropped from the bridge above. Before Dunn can react, an FBI agent tells her that it's not her sister, and that he'll take her to Meg. Dunn has no choice but to go with him.

As Finley and Clarenbach close in on the mansion, they're intercepted by Vries' chopper team. Finley and Clarenbach ditch the car and proceed on foot. They can't run anymore. It's time for a standoff. There's only one problem: Finley is alone with no backup.

Dunn is tied up alongside her sister, who is still alive. Meg is disappointed, but Dunn is still confident she can get out of it. Dunn refuses to reveal Clarenbach's location, but the longer Dunn refuses to talk, the more Meg is tortured. Dunn eventually caves, calls Finley, and tells him to turn Clarenbach over. Finley tells Dunn's kidnapper that he'll have to come and get Clarenbach.

Hopefully, pitting Vries and the kidnapper against one another will buy them all some much needed time. Finley and Clarenbach lay low in an abandoned warehouse, but they can't stay hidden from Vries' men for long. The kidnapper's team arrives just in time and, in the midst of a gunfight with Vries' team, Finley and Clarenbach make their escape. Vries cuts them off at the exit, knocks Finley unconscious and escapes with Clarenbach.

Dunn wiggles out of her restraints, unties Meg and kills the remaining bad guys. With Meg free, Dunn immediately heads back to work. Vries arrives home after a successful mission to find his daughter waiting for him, free and safe. After a heartfelt hug, Vries is arrested.

Finley meets up with Dunn to assess the situation. Gibson has Clarenbach, and they still don't know the location of the mansion. Finley looks at the silver lining, though: he knows the direction the mansion is in, and he knows that they're close. It's enough to motivate Dunn.


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