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covert affairs season 5 episode 11 annie

Season 5 Episode 11

"Trigger Cut"

In the aftermath of the bombing attempt on the treaty motorcade, wounds are still fresh. Annie managed to thwart the attack and traitorous Caitlyn is dead, but McQuaid is lying in a hospital bed in critical condition. As Annie sits vigil by his bedside, all she can do is fume over the fact that the mastermind behind the whole plot, diplomat Aleksandre Belenko, is still free. So when Arthur finds a cryptic note in Caitlyn’s calendar about a meeting in Istanbul, Annie jumps at the opportunity to go to Turkey. It’s a long shot, but maybe the meeting is still on and will somehow help her tie Belenko to the Chicago and DC bombings, and—better yet—figure out how to bring him down. 

So Annie is off to Istanbul, where she watches as a former FSB agent meets a notorious arms dealer named Mahmoud Qabbani. Though Annie can’t tell what Qabbani is selling, whatever is in the duffels he’s transporting is very expensive—and likely very dangerous. Annie trails him to a hamam, where she confronts him at gunpoint to get some answers. But before Qabbani can tell Annie anything, another visitor arrives and puts a bullet in the arms dealer. Annie’s fury at having lost her only lead is mitigated only slightly by the fact that the shooter is none other than her old friend Eyal Lavin, sent by Mossad to exact revenge for Qabbani’s involvement in a recent bombing in Israel. 

Perhaps feeling guilty that he blew Annie’s op, Eyal sticks around to help her continue the mission. It’s looking like they’ve hit a dead end until Tony Salgado, Auggie’s friend in the State Department, comes through with some intel: Belenko made a last minute change of plans and is now in Istanbul. It’s obvious that whatever’s in those duffels must be important if the diplomat has come to get them himself, but getting to the bags and nailing Belenko won’t be easy. Looks like Annie and Belenko’s game of cat and mouse is just getting started…[button color="black" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]


In the hospital, Annie dreams that McQuade is up and well. He kisses her and tells her he loves her. She wakes up to the sound of one of McQuade's machines beeping. He hasn't woken up. The nurse assures Annie it sounds worse than it is and it's just the sedatives that are keeping him out.

Meanwhile, Carter asks his escort Stephanie to spy on her other client Mashkov. She's incredulous that he's asking for help after lecturing her. He's asking her to serve her country. She agrees -- for ten times her normal fee.

Auggie meets with his State Department pal Tony, who tells him the Department doesn't believe that Alec Balenko is a threat and won't act against him without proof. Annie's version of him shooting Caitlin Cooke isn't enough for them, given Annie's history of lying and being suspended from field duty. Auggie reminds Tony that she's the one who saved him from being blown up in the motorcade.

Arthur visits Annie in the hospital with a ledger of Caitlin's. It's coded but it says she had a meeting scheduled for tomorrow in Istanbul with a contact named Q. Annie wants to go, and insists it's not about revenge but answers and proving that Balenko is guilty.

Annie asks the nurse Susan to call her with updates. Annie says good-bye to McQuade, telling him to get well while she catches the guy behind everything.

Istanbul, Turkey

Annie waits across the street from where Caitlin's meet was supposed to take place. She checks in with Arthur and sends him a photo of a suspicious who just arrived. Arthur recognizes him as Krazny, an ex-FSB operative. Another man joins him. Arthur runs his photo through facial recognition and IDs him as Mahmoud Qabbani, a Syrian arms dealer -- Caitlin's Q. Arthur has heard that Mossad wants him dead following an attack in Tel Aviv six weeks ago.

Annie uses a device to listen to their conversation, as Qabbani raises his price to $20 million. She sees bags in his trunk and sends Arthur a picture of his partial license plate as she follow Qabbani on foot.

Back at Langley, Joan updates Auggie on Annie's efforts and passes him something from Arthur.

Calder calls Joan in to his office to tell him Stephanie has agreed to help and has a date with Mashkov in a few hours. He wants Stephanie to try to get them access to his computer so they can find out who at the Russian Embassy knew about Balenko before they did. Joan is concerned about asking so much of her, but Calder thinks it's their best shot.

Annie checks in with Arthur, who has nothing on the car, even with Auggie's help.

So Annie sneaks up on Qabbani at a bath house where he's in the middle of a rubdown. She sneaks up on him with her gun drawn and tells him to call his driver and say the deal is back on. Qabbani starts to tell her what the deal is for when someone bursts in with a gun on Qabbani. It's Eyal.

Annie shouts at him not to shoot, but it's too late and Eyal kills Qabbani with a shot to the head. He leads Annie out. She wants to find Qabbani's car, but they have to leave when police arrive.

Annie tells Eyal that Qabbani was going to give her Balenko, but she can't give him details. They get in Eyal's car to a dock, but she doesn't want to leave Istanbul. She has to stay until she finds out what Balenko was going to buy. Eyal offers to stay and help.

Back at the baths, Eyal says a source told them Qabbani was in Istanbul. Annie explains she's not working for the CIA anymore.

Back in DC, Calder tells Stephanie how to hot sync with Qabbani's phone. He shows her their back-up and assures her he has confidence in her.

At Langley, Auggie gets a call from Tony, who's feeling guilty about not finding the bomb on the motorcade himself. He tells Auggie that something about Balenko came across his desk.

In Istabbul, Eyal leads Annie to where Qabbani was staying. They find his car, but the trunk is empty. They head inside his apartment with guns drawn. It's completely cleaned out. Annie goes up to the roof and finds a body. Annie shouts for him, but downstairs, a woman jumps Eyal and knocks him out. They chase after her.

She runs into the street then up onto a rooftop. Eyal shouts after her to stop and she does, for half a second. Then she jumps off the roof and gets away. Annie has to give herself a shot for her heart.

Then Annie get a call from McQuade's hospital: there have been complications. He was rushed into surgery with a pulmonary embolism.

Auggie calls Annie to tell her Balenko is in Istanbul for an energy conference. Annie tries to talk to him, but Auggie rushes off the phone.

Stephanie has enthusiastic sex with Maskkov in his hotel tub, then leaves him to take a shower. Calder listens in the car and has to take his earpiece out for a minute. She sneaks his phone out of his pants pocket to press it to hers for the hot sync, but he surprises her by walking into the room. She's relieved when he's only going to get her fee. She finishes up and returns to Calder in the car.

In Istanbul, Annie and Eyal stake out Balenko's hotel. Annie is curious why Balenko has stopped being so cautious. The hotel concierge walks across the street and up to their car, asking Annie to meet with Balenko. She leaves her gun with Eyal, who doesn't like it. She thinks that if he was going to kill her, Balenko wouldn't send the concierge.

Inside the hotel, Balenko knows Annie was suspended by the CIA for her heart condition. She notices his hands shaking as he drinks his teas. He pretends not to know anything about Caitlin. She accuses him of being behind the attacks in Chicago and DC and says she knows about his relationship with Caitlin. She takes out the ring on a chain that Caitlin said with her dying breath was a wedding ring from him. He dunks it in Annie's tea.

Annie sees the duffel bags being loaded into an SUV below before Balenko's goons lead her to the basement so she can't follow him. Eyal intercepts them there and helps Annie take them out. They make it out to the street in time to see the SUV with the bags in it pulling away.

Annie steals a motorcycle to follow the SUV and Eyal hops in his car. They race through the streets of Istanbul, keeping the car in their sights. When the SUV is separated from the Mercedes in its convoy, Annie sneaks up on the driver and demands his keys. He pulls a gun on her and shoots, and she fires back, killing him. When Eyal pulls up they check the trunk, but it's empty.

Later, Eyal encourages Annie to tell McQuade how she feels. He says that his wife had been wanting to reconcile for awhile but he never picked up on the clues until she actually said something.

Calder takes Stephanie back to her apartment and pays her what she asked. When she asks if it'd be helpful if she keeps seeing Mashkov, he says yes, but only if she's comfortable with it. She gives him the money back, saying she doesn't want to be doing it for the money and wants to keep working with Calder.

Auggie wakes up to a call from Tony at 5:30 a.m. He's drunk on his kitchen floor, holding his AA chip after 38 months of sobriety. He got fired. Balenko complained that he got harassed by Annie and Tony's boss demanded to know who leaked the information and Tony confessed.

Tony says he's been having bad dreams about their time in the service and the things they did. Auggie says he's on his way.

Annie arrives at McQuade's hospital bed. He's out of surgery and awake, but very groggy. Annie promises she'll be around and there's plenty of time to talk.

Later, Annie goes to get coffee and comes back to hear Auggie shouting at a doctor in the hallway. Tony died and the doctors are saying it was alcohol poisoning, but Auggie doesn't believe it.

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