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Season 5 Episode 8


A reliable source spurs Annie and Auggie to dig deeper into a conspiracy theory that shed light on an attack on the CIA. Joan and Calder are forced to make a difficult decision...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



Calder Michaels goes for a run, trailed by a BMW. He notices it and cuts through a campus, then sneaks around to see who the driver is -- it's Hailey with the NCTC, still wanting to talk to him for her investigation. She says she has something he'll want to hear.

On the plane back from Azerbaijan, neither Annie nor Ryan has gotten any sleep. Annie still feels like the mission isn't over, even though Nathan Mueller is dead.

Ryan's second, Caitlin Cook meets their plane. Ryan hates to see Annie go.

Annie meets with Auggie at the apartment of Roger, Auggie's information. Before they go in, Auggie tells Annie that Hailey knows about her heart condition.

Inside, Roger is back on his medication and has organized his life and his investigation. He opens by telling them Mueller wasn't responsible for Chicago. Ivan Kravec never met Nathan Mueller, even though he said he did.

He gives them a Spanish intelligence file on Ivan from six years ago, in which he gave up terrorist names to walk. Roger suggests there's a pattern of Ivan giving up people he might not even know to save himself.

He's still not sure who's responsible for Chicago, but he says he's close to finding out.

Back at Langley, Annie is looking up Ivan Kravec when she's summoned to see Calder.

He and Joan are waiting in his office, looking stern.

"Annie, it's time we talk about your heart condition," Calder says.

Calder tells her she's being reassigned to a desk job. Annie gets angry, shouting that she expected more from them after the countless time she's risked her life for the agency. She accuses them of acting like "HR reps."

Joan fires back that they're angry about the trust they placed in Annie, but they're trying to put that aside to move forward together.

But Annie doesn't see any togetherness in the situation.

Outside, Auggie tells Annie that she can still accomplish a lot behind a desk. Annie is fired up to follow down Roger's intel and he cautions her to be cautious.

Later, Joan and Calder meet with Alex, an in-house lawyer who tells them the Director of National Intelligence wants to meet with them on the Mueller strike. The fact that the lead operative on the ground has just been reassigned for lying to her agency makes the whole operation look bad. He says Annie has to be at the "inquest" as well and suggests they might want to distance themselves from her.

Eric Barber shows Annie to her new windowless office. Joan comes by to tell Annie about the meeting and ask her to prepare a timeline of her every move since the Chicago bombing. Then Joan tells Annie that she was an exceptional operative.

Annie's new phone rings and a digitally masked voice tells her to go to the parking lot and he'll call in five minutes.

Auggie finds Joan and asks if anyone double checked Ivan's connection to Mueller. Joan says there wasn't time, but they did find the courier on the way to Mueller's camp. They don't have Ivan in custody anymore, they traded him back to the Russians for two of their own.

Auggie suggests Joan should have found a way to keep Annie in the field. Joan knows Auggie must have helped her hide her condition. "I stand behind my decisions, and you should stand behind Annie," Auggie says.

Annie reaches her car and finds her cell phone in it ringing. It's Roger. He says he has a source deep in the Russian Embassy who has files that prove Mueller wasn't behind the attack. He has FSB files on Borz Altan linking him to someone else, but the source wants $100,000. Roger knows that as a tech operative, Auggie can't get it, but field operatives (which Annie is not anymore) can.

Later, Annie and Auggie discuss how to get the money.

Annie goes to see Ryan McQuaid. She skips the small talk and tells him Mueller wasn't responsible. When she tells him she's been sidelined at the CIA, he immediately agrees to give her the cash.

Caitlin Cook drops in on Arthur, fishing for information about Annie. He repeats what he told Ryan, that she's one of the finest operatives he's ever seen.

Annie brings the cash to Roger. He puts it in his safe. Annie is walking out the door to leave when Roger sees a man in the hall and freaks out. He goes after the man and shoves him, yelling at the man to stop following him. Annie diffuses the situation as fast as possible, assuring Roger he's not being followed.

Later over coffee and a donut, Roger is apologetic, saying he thought he was improving, but then he also was sure the man was following him. He talks about how hard it is to have such a hard time holding on to reality and also be so good at spycraft, which requires manipulating it. He knows the Agency's views on illness and thinks Annie will take the money back, but she assures him she's not the Agency.

Auggie meets Hailey for a drink. He starts out angrily, telling her she shouldn't have reported Annie's condition. She asks why he called her there, and guesses it was to break up with her. She walks away before he can say more.

Joan checks on Annie's progress with her timeline and wonders why it's not done when it's the only task Annie had. She assures Annie she's trying to protect her.

At McQuaid security, Caitlin asks Ryan about the $100,000 and linking her to Annie. She wants more information, but he assures her he has it under control. "I just hope you're running annie and it's not the other way around," she says.

The next day, walking in to the meeting with the DNI, Annie gets several calls from an unknown number that she has to ignore.

The Deputy Director Bill Benedict introduces himself, but takes Joan and Calder in first. When Annie's phone rings again, it's Roger. She steps away to answer. Roger says people are on to him and he needs to get out of town. Annie tries to make sure he's not just being paranoid. He asks her to meet him at the Brunswick train station at 5:10p.m.

Meanwhile, the deputy director is annoyed that Annie isn't waiting where she was supposed to be. Then Annie runs into Hailey, who tells her she was just doing her job. Annie says she has to leave.

Ryan picks Annie up in his helicopter as she ignores Joan's call.

Joan calls Auggie, hoping he knows what Annie is up to. Joan also just got a call from Caitlin Cook, asking about an op Ryan is on with Annie.

Annie answers Auggie's call. He remind her she'll be suspended if Roger's info doesn't pan out. She knows. "What, they're going to suspend you for trying to get the truth?" Ryan says.

They land at the train station and look for roger getting off the train. They don't see him, but then Annie hears a screech and a scream. She looks down and sees Roger dead on the ground in front of a car. His briefcase is busted open and Annie and Ryan look through his papers -- bible verses and Free Mason drawings.

Back at Langley, Annie goes to face the music. Only Joan is there. After Annie bailed on the meeting, the DNI was so angry he kept Calder to rake him over the coals about not being in control of his people.

Annie explains that she was following up the possibility Mueller wasn't responsible for the bombing. When Joan points out the nonsense Roger was found with, Annie says that just because someone has an illness doesn't mean they're not valuable.

Joan asks Annie why she didn't trust her enough to tell her about her condition, and says she would have helped Annie. She suspends Annie.

Auggie returns to his apartment and is startled to find Hailey waiting outside for him. She gives him his stuff back and then gives him a piece of her mind, yelling at him for using her.

After his meeting, Alex suggests to Calder that he shouldn't have wasted so much time defending Joan.

At home, Joan can't sleep, thinking about how fast the agency turns on its own. "You're thinking about the Balkans, about your secret getting out. Well it won't, we have each other now," Arthur tells her.

At home alone, Annie finally makes up her mind and goes to see Ryan McQuaid. She says she's just there to tell him he's not getting his $100,000 back (he doesn't care), but doesn't argue when he insists she stay for a drink.

Inside, she says it looks like they won't be seeing each other anymore. He toasts her good-bye. And then she stays. They hang out and stay up all night, talking and drinking and laughing. When the sun comes up, they finally get around to kissing when the doorbell rings. Ryan tells her he's going to get rid of whoever it is immediately.

When he leaves, Annie answers Auggie's call. He was up all night going through Roger's papers and says Roger was too smart to buy into all the conspiracy theorist crap he had on him. They're wondering if he was set up when Annie turns around and sees who's at Ryan's door -- it's the dog walker that Roger thought was following him.


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