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Season 5 Episode 6

"Embassy Row"

While on an undercover mission, Annie must keep her guard up after she accepts an invitation to the Russian Embassy in Paris. Auggie attempts to juggle more than one relationship, while Joan unravels the details of Arthur’s most recent business trip...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



Over beers, Auggie forgives Annie for meddling in Paris. When he mentions Natasha's at his place, Annie worries about the fact she's a fugitive.

They're called into Langley.

Some super duper cell phone analyzing system has determined that Ivan Kravec is making a move as soon as the evening. Annie wants to go back in using her cover, she thinks she left things covered after drugging him to get access to his laptop. Joan agrees, Annie's off to Paris.

Joan comes home as Arthur has to leave to wine and dine Senate big wigs. She notices his shoulder is sore, but he pretends he's not sure why, because he can't mention the fire fight he was in in Iraq.

Auggie comes home to Natasha, who wants a laptop with a faster processor to hack traffic cameras. She wants to be able to monitor if the FBI is coming for her, but Auggie argues doing things like that is what will alert them to her presence.

Finally, he takes a deep breath and tells her about Hailey and that he hasn't broken things off yet because he didn't know how real his relationship with Natasha is. He assures Natasha he'll break things off with Hailey soon.

In Paris, Annie calls Ivan, who is eager to see her.

They meet for lunch and as he's kissing her, she fakes a phone call. Using her cover as a gun dealer, she says a buyer is getting cold feet and she's going to lose $60,000. Ivan doesn't bat an eye and suggests she forget about the buyer and spend the evening with him. He'll make up the difference. He has a cocktail party to go to and she can be his date -- at the Russian Embassy.

Annie steps out to call Auggie -- her cover is blown in Russia and they'll know that the second they check her out.

Back at Langley, Auggie briefs Eric Barber and the tech nerds. They don't have time to hack the Russian system, so they're going to crash it instead. They have 30 minutes.

Ivan pulls up to the embassy with Annie. She's inside the door and allowing her hand to be scanned while the Langley nerds struggle to crash the system.

Annie waits, keeping calm, as the embassy computer finally goes dark. A threat from Ivan and the guard finally waives Annie through.

Back at Langley, Calder heads for a working lunch with Lara Andrews, from the office of the General Counsel, the woman Joan tried to set him up with.

Inside the embassy, Annie notices an angry Russian woman glaring at them. Ivan explains it's his ex-girlfriend, Yana. They're moving to get away from her when Annie runs smack into Ryan McQuaid.

He takes a second to assess the situation, then pretends he can't remember Annie's name to determine her cover. She gives him her alias and "reminds" him about her trying to sell his company some weapons. McQuaid plays along and excuses himself.

Annie steps away from Ivan and snaps photos of people in the crowd. She and McQuaid talk privately. He says he's there to buy Russian helicopters from a contact because U.S. helicopters stick out in some places of the world.

When Annie says she can't tell him what she's doing there, he's annoyed she won't share.

Back in Langley, Auggie updates Joan. Then she tells him about Arthur's secret Middle East trip and shoulder injury. She wants to know more and asks Auggie to check in with his military contacts.

In his office over lunch with Lara, Calder reviews the people on the witness list for the Chicago investigation. He comes across the woman he knows as "Cindy," the escort's real name is Stephanie Banks. He tells Lara he just knows her from the DC party circuit. The other names seem random to him.

Annie sees Ivan talking with a man and gets close enough to snap a picture, but his ex Yana finds her and interrogates her, saying she looks familiar. Ivan finally saves Annie.

Back at Langley, Auggie has learned about McQuaid's involvement in a conflict outside Ramadi after they hit an IED.

At the embassy, Ivan drags Annie to an office. He has a key from his friend. He takes vodka out of some Russian nesting dolls and pours her some. He starts to put the moves on her, then comes up behind her and puts her in a chokehold, telling her she's not who she says she is. He knows she drugged him last time they were together. He pours a vial of GHB into her mouth as he holds her down.

She pleads with him, but he says it's too late. Then, with him pinning her down, she somehow manages to whack him, crack him across the neck and shove him off her, unconscious.

The drugs are already kicking in as she puts on her shoes and stumbles out. She runs into McQuaid in the hallway as she collapses.

Joan waits for Arthur to come home, then confesses she did something she shouldn't have and knows about Ramadi. She hates that they can't even talk about their days. She says she's seen a lot of couples not be able to handle one spouse inside the agency and the other out.

Calder drops by Stephanie's house (he now knows her address from her license). He tells her she's going to be deposed and she can't talk about how they know each other. She guesses where he works and assures him she's discrete. Then he kisses her.

Annie wakes up in Ivan's trunk. "You are CIA, yes?" he says, before shutting her in.

Auggie and Natasha watch a movie when Hailey calls. Natasha tells him to deal with her. He answers, and Hailey tells him she's outside his apartment and needs to talk. He suggests they go get a beer.

Hailey tells him she's found some things out about Annie, including that she ditched her CIA minder while she was off book. She cautions him to distance himself from Annie so that he doesn't get dragged down with her.

Meanwhile, in Paris, Ivan hauls Annie somewhere at gunpoint to turn her over to Russian FSB to take her back to a Russian prison. Instead, the person who gets out of the car meeting them is Ryan McQuaid, who immediately fires at Ivan.

Ivan drags Annie around a street corner and she quickly asks him about his account funding the Chicago attack, now that he knows who she is. He seems mildly surprised, but doesn't answer. She hits him and knocks his gun away, making it around the corner before he gets it back. She's running handcuffed with him right behind her when he catches up and fires -- but his gun is empty.

He lunges at her and tackles her, getting the upper hand. He drags her to a pool of water and starts drowning her when Annie hears a gunshot and Ivan splashes into the water next to her. McQuaid shot him.

Later, a sweep team has taken Ivan away and McQuaid tells Annie that Ivan is going to live. Annie struggles to hold it together after being drugged and nearly killed.

Annie remembers that she saw McQuaid before she passed out. He says that Ivan was starting to wake up and he couldn't just carry her out of the embassy. He knew that she'd be sent to Moscow so he was able to track Ivan. Annie is annoyed that he took that risk with her life, but thanks him just the same.

Back at Langley, Ivan is being brought back to the US for an interrogation that Joan will head. They wonder if the FSB was behind the Chicago attack.

Joan makes a call to someone to consult about the Russian angle. She tells them it could get complicated, but they're the right person for the job.

Lara checks in with Calder and tells him the people on the deposition list really were random -- they pulled in half the guest list from the gala. Then Lara asks him out, but Calder politely declines, citing work (but really just hot for his escort).

Joan's Russian expert arrives -- Arthur.

Auggie asks to talk to Joan privately. He tells her about dating Hailey and a civilian (he doesn't say who, or that she's a fugitive), and that he didn't break up with Hailey because she's investigating Annie, which Joan thinks is the smart move.

Meanwhile in Paris, Ryan tries to convince Annie to stay at his apartment. She's aloof and cites her usual line about not needing anyone, when he points out that it's ok to need people and if he didn't like her so much, she might not be alive now.

He tells her a story about his first overseas assignment in the Navy, when he was so nervous he volunteered for every watch shift until he was exhausted. A guy in his unit told him he had to trust people eventually.

Annie turns it around on Ryan and asks about his hour alone with Borz, the Chicago bomber.

Ryan finally tells her. There's a mole in is organization, someone using his resources to pass classified secrets. It wasn't what Annie was expecting. Ryan explains his entire business could be ruined if anyone finds out about the mole, explaining just how big a thing he just let her in on.

Auggie calls Natasha and tries to explain that he couldn't break up with Hailey because she's investigating him. He tries to assure Natasha that she's the one he wants, but she isn't exactly understanding.

Auggie hangs up and meets Hailey, pretending everything is fine.

Calder finishes a romp with Stephanie, who says she's glad they're back on. "You proved I could trust you," he says.

"For now," she smiles.

Meanwhile, in Paris, Annie sleeps, trusting Ryan as he watches over her.


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