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Season 5 Episode 5

"Elevate Me Later"

Auggie’s emotional history with a potential asset complicates a mission when he and Annie switch roles as operative and handler in Paris. Joan attempts to play matchmaker for Calder. Arthur heads on his first operation abroad for McQuaid Security...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



Eric Barber sees something on his screen that prompts him to call Auggie, whom he interrupts in bed with Hailey. She offers to drive Auggie to work.

From the office, he calls Annie to come in, saying they have a lead on the bank that paid the Postman.

At McQuaid Security, Caitlin Cook asks Arthur to come to a business pitch with her tomorrow -- in Iraq. In the morning, Joan talks to a lawyer, Lara Andrews, from the office of the General Counsel, who offers to help Joan prep for the inquiry into the events in Chicago. When Calder breezes in, Joan interrupts to introduce him. He's eager to get away from Joan, but she follows him to the elevator. She suggests he ask Lara out, saying she's a good ally and now is a time when they need them. He agrees.

Auggie briefs Annie. They traced the money to Kredit Krepost, a bank in Paris favored by warlords, run by Ivan Kravec, former FSB. Barber says the bank's security could take months to hack, except that Auggie's hacker ex Natasha Petrovna wrote the code the bank uses. She's been on the run for four years, but Auggie is confident he can get her to help.

When Joan wants to know why, he tells her about the last time he saw her, when she told him she loved him.

Joan agrees to put Auggie in the field, with Annie as his handler.

Paris, France. Natasha joins Auggie at an outdoor café. They have a few nice moments of catching up but she turns cool when he tells her why he's there. She doesn't like the idea of helping the CIA and points out that even if she wrote them a way in, the hack has to be done on site. She leaves, telling him not to contact her again.

Auggie checks in with Annie, who urges him to use his "emotional capital" with her. He put a GPS tracker on Natasha's sleeve.

Annie goes to the bank to scout it, talking through the intercom to say she has an appointment. When they don't find her fake French name on their schedule she walks away. She sits in her car across the street and takes pictures of the cars coming and going, including Ivan Kravec.

Joan comes home to find Arthur packing, but he can't tell her where he's going. When she deduces that Caitlin is going with him, he assures her she has nothing to worry about.

Auggie drops in on Natasha's hotel room, confessing he bugged her. He tells her he doesn't want her to leave Paris mad at him. He tells her he misses her. He lets her kiss him and soon they're peeling off each other's clothes.

In the morning, he ignores a call as his phone announces it's Hailey. He says it's a work thing. Natasha agrees to the hack, in exchange for the FBI dropping the charges against her. And she wants his complete honesty.

Auggie goes to meet Annie. He tells her he didn't plan to spend the night, but she assures him he did what was necessary for the mission.

Annie briefs him on her surveillance. She says there's no way in, but Ivan carries a laptop with a fingerprint recognition pad. "Are you sure that targeting a former Russian spy is the path of least resistance?" Auggie asks.

"It's the only path we have," she says.

Cut to Annie shooting with a hunting rifle at a place Ivan frequents. He sees her sharpshooting and engages her. He's taken with her and invites her to see his gun collection.

Caitlin and Arthur leave their meeting in Iraq. They consult briefly and decide to take the job at the big price. Arthur enjoys the fast decision making. In their armored transport back, Caitlin is dazzled by him and asks his secret. He tells her he doesn't let things get complicated. Suddenly, their convoy hits an IED.

As insurgents fire on them from above, Arthur rushes to the hit vehicle and pulls out the passengers. He and Caitlin and the team grab semi-automatic weapons from the SUVs and defend themselves, successfully getting into their SUVs and driving off.

In Ivan's gun room, she recognizes his collection and continues to impress him. When he holds a gun to her chest, she doesn't blink, and suggests a better technique. He invites her to dinner.

Auggie answers a call from Hailey, who invites him to dinner. He says he's pulling an all-nighter at work. Then he goes back to Natasha's hotel room bearing pastry. She tells him he has no expectations of him.

But when he tells her to think of where she wants to go back in the States, and agrees to take her to her favorite park in DC.

On the McQuaid private jet home, Arthur checks on Caitlin, commending her for her bravery and sharing a drink.

Back at Langley, Joan busts into Calder's office, annoyed with him for standing up Lara. When she brings up the coat closet, she can tell by the way he reacts that he cares about the escort.

When he thinks she's after his job, she points out if she wanted it she would sit back and say nothing. She's looking for an ally.

Annie meets Auggie at an outdoor market. She breaks the news that Calder couldn't get the FBI to drop the charges. Annie thinks he has to wait to break the news to Natasha, but he doesn't want to lie to her. Annie tries to get him to focus on the mission and put his feelings aside.

Auggie comes back to the hotel room and breaks the news to Natasha. When she wants to withhold the key, he asks her to trust him. She asks him to leave, but he kisses her instead and they fall into bed.

Later, Auggie wakes up to a slap in the face. Natasha is livid that her hack key is missing. She accuses Auggie of lying to her as a distraction so someone could steal the key. She throws him out in the hallway in his underwear.

Meanwhile, at Ivan's house, he goes to show Annie more of his collection, but grabs her head and shoves it against the case, asking who she really is. She remains calm, says "Who do you think I am, someone who likes it rough?" She elbows him, and succeeds in turning him on.

They start going at it and she takes a shot and pours one down his throat. Shhe puts his belt around his neck and climbs on top of him as he starts to get woozy. When he passes out, she presses his thumb against his case and plugs Natasha's hack key card into his laptop. As it uploads, she stages the scene to make it look like they had rough sex, and puts the laptop back where it was. She writes him a note that says "Thanks for tonight."

Annie meets Auggie on the street later, he's drinking and angry. She says she gave him time to convince Natasha, but instead he slept with her. He argues that he always chooses her over the mission, even hiding his medical condition. "You choose the mission, and you think that makes you better at what you do. The truth is, turning your back on your emotions doesn't make you a better spy, it's just cutting you off from anyone close to you," he says, and storms off into the night.

The next day, Annie finds Natasha at a train station. She bugged Natasha's phone. Annie tells her that Auggie had no idea she was going to steal the key and she shouldn't punish him for something he didn't do.

Arthur returns home to Joan and their son. All he can tell Joan is it went well.

Annie leaves Auggie a message apologizing, then stops at a coffee cart to bring him some. But he's not at work. Joan says he's out sick. She commends them for their team work then reveals the results of the hack: Ivan Kravets paid for the Chicago bombing.

Auggie listens to jazz at home alone. When there's a knock at his door, he tells Annie to go away. But it's Natasha.

They start kissing and Auggie ignores another call from Hailey.


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