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Season 5 Episode 3

"Unseen Power of the Picket Fence"

A Covert Affairs digital prequel! After being blinded in Iraq, Auggie must adjust to his new gig as a tech op handler by leading a rookie operative through a dangerous mission in Barcelona...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]

Weekly Debrief

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At the border crossing from Venezuela into Colombia, Annie is nervous that Ryan McQuaid's flashy car means the police will check the trunk -- where they have Boris Altan the terrorist stashed -- just to see if there's anything to steal. He argues the flashy car just indicates he has money to bribe them. They're arguing when some young boys come by the window selling waters and pop the trunk. They run screaming for the police when they see Boris. Annie takes the wheel and tears out of the crossing line, racing into a neighborhood and into a driveway where they're safely hidden as the police drive past.

They rule a border crossing out and decide to split up, knowing the police will be looking for four people. Annie insists on taking custody of Boris and wants to go to Caracas and wait for the CIA to get them out. Ryan points out that after Chicago, no CIA facility is secure. Annie agrees to do it Ryan's way.

At Langley, Caitlin Cook and Arthur are late for a briefing with Joan about the situation in Venezuela. Caitlin thinks their time is going to be wasted, but Arthur has faith the CIA is just looking to cooperate.

Caitlin is smug when Joan tells them the CIA is taking over the exfiltration, by boat under cover of darkness. Joan asks if they know why Ryan would want time alone with Boris, but neither does.

In country, Ryan leads Annie to a luxury home he took out a six month lease on so they can hunker down. They have Boris sedated. Ryan shares his flask with Annie. He hasn't heard from his operatives Jim and Fitz, but isn't worried.

Suddenly, Boris starts coughing and hacking. His busted rib punctured a lung and it's collapsing. Without a chest tube, he'll die.

Ryan cuts tubing from a water bag and they sterilize everything with the flask. Ryan slices open Boris' side and jams the tube into the lung, getting him air and a few hours.

McQuaid grabs a gun and a bundle of cash and goes to find a thorasic surgeon he knows.

At Langley by the coffee cart, Auggie runs into Hailey Price with NCTC, the woman investigating the Chicago incident, whom he also slept with last night. She tells him they shouldn't do it again and he loudly says he's disappointed because the sex was great.

At his desk, Auggie gets a call from Annie, updating him on Boris' condition. He tells her a daytime medivac is too risky. Not knowing how long Boris has, Annie decides to start the interrogation.

At Langley, Calder and Joan conference. Calder calls his assistant Patrick to clear his schedule, but Patrick reminds him he's supposed to meet with the Senate Intelligence Committee. Calder gives him names for Joan of people he knows in Colombia who he thinks might be able to help. Joan notes that Calder is finding out the job isn't what he thought it was.

Annie begins asking Boris questions, offering to give him morphine if he talks.

In front of the Senate Intelligence Committee, they are trying to find out if the CIA was running domestic operations, which is against the law. They catch Calder checking his watch and are annoyed when he basically says he has somewhere better to be. They break for lunch.

Annie continues her questions, then tells Boris the man he met in Maricaibo had a gun and was ready to kill him; he's protecting people who were planning to kill him. She brings up his sister Oksana -- Annie killed her, but Boris doesn't know she's dead. But Ryan comes back, reporting there are police everywhere. The next thing they know, police are knocking on the door to search the house.

Annie and Ryan argue over what to do. Ryan wants to fight their way out, but Annie points out they can't do that and carry Boris. Annie injects Boris with the morphine.

Moments later, she answers the door in only a towel, saying she was about to get in the shower. The police storm through the house, demanding ID.

Annie grabs the morphine syringe, but is obvious about trying to hide it. When the cops see, they call off their search, writing her off as just a "junkie whore." Ryan was hunkered down in the running shower, propping up passed out Boris, ready to shoot if they were discovered. He's impressed with Annie's gambit.

Back in DC, Calder uses his secret phone to call his lover, who is getting dressed in a hotel room with another man in the other room. When he asks why she can't talk now, she says, "you know why," and Calder seems to know. They make plans to see each other tonight.

Annie returns to questioning Boris, telling him that because he left Oksana behind, the CIA has her and is hurting her. She offers to help Oksana if he talks. He says he doesn't know who planned the attack, or the name of the man in Maricaibo.

Boris tells he went to DC to learn about CIA protocols, in a spring when there was snow on the ground. He knew his contact as "The Postman."

He insists that's all he knows and stops breathing before Annie can ask more.

Annie reports in to Auggie then tells Ryan they're leaving.

Caitlyn and Joan talk. Caitlyn suggests Ryan and Annie head back to the border, where they can pay off a contact to let them through, with no body in the trunk this time, it should work. Joan agrees.

Auggie gets nothing in CIA files on "The Postman," and gets permission from Joan to talk to a former CIA operative named Roger Bennett. Former because he had a "late onset chemical dependency problem."

Annie and Ryan wander through town looking for a car to steal. Annie is twitchy without her gun. When they find a car suitably nice enough for Ryan, Annie prepares to bash in the window with a rock. But he has an electronic skeleton key that works on almost all locks -- standard issue to McQuaid operatives. He continues his pitch for her to come work for him. She continues declining.

Auggie drops in on Roger in his crappy apartment in a bad part of town. His got tons of electronics, cell phone jammers and surveillance equipment. Auggie realizes he's a bit of a paranoid nut, but mentions the name Postman and asks him to keep his ears open.

Roger doesn't have a computer anymore because it's not safe. He gives Auggie a super old phone that he tweaked to work beyond scanner's ranges, saying he'll call.

Ryan pulls the car over so he and Annie can get on an open air bus to cross the border inconspicuously.

On the bus, Ryan tries to ask Annie what she says to Boris to get him to talk. He says he told Boris he wouldn't be hurt.

Their bus is stopped at the border -- it was supposed to be waved through. Annie texts Joan, who calls Caitlyn, she doesn't know what's going on.

A guard finds the stacks of cash in Ryan's bag and pull them off the bus. He's taking it to his superior when another guard named Garcia intercepts him. He tells the first guard to put half the cash in his locker, then walks Annie and Ryan back to the bus, with his apologies -- his captain pulled him in when he was supposed to be waiving the bus through.

Annie and Ryan make it to Colombia.

Back at McQuaid, Caitlyn brings Arthur booze for a toast. He checks to make sure she doesn't know what Ryan got from Boris and she assures him she doesn't and they share info.

Back on the bus, Annie tells Ryan about lying to Boris about Oksana to make him talk. Ryan is impressed.

Back in DC, Auggie gets a call from Roger, calling from a rundown minimart. He tells Auggie he got some information on the Postman and asks him to come by at 9 a.m. tomorrow. Someone takes pictures of Roger from afar as he leaves the convenience store.

After his evening with his mistress, Calder vents a little about worrying his promotion means he doesn't get to do the parts of his job he liked. She makes him feel better about it.

Then he leaves money on the nightstand for her as he leaves. (Hello, call girl!)

Hailey drops by Auggie's apartment late at night, ostensibly for a signature for her paperwork. She leans in to kiss him as he signs.

There's a knock on Annie's warehouse apartment late at night. She finds a package from McQuaid security. The note says "hope it fits." It's a shiny new handgun.

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On the next episode...

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