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Season 5 Episode 2

"False Skorpion"

Annie goes to Venezuela to find the terrorist involved in the Chicago bombing who got away, but discovers that McQuaid is already there with the same objective...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]

Weekly Debrief



Boris Altan gets off a bus somewhere at night and burns his passport.

Back in DC, Annie pours over files on the late terrorist Khalid Ansari and security expert Ryan McQuaid. It's 5:15 a.m. but Auggie calls to tell her they found a dead man in Vera Cruz, Mexico and believe Boris used his passport to travel to Maracaibo, Venezuela. Joan wants Annie on a plane.

Annie packs her things, including her medication for her attacks.

At Langley, Calder wants to fly to Medellin, Colombia and prepare a tactical team to support Annie, but Auggie argues it's too much.

Auggie tells Joan he won't be cooperating with the inquiry into the Chicago attack. She tacitly supports him.

In Maracaibo, Annie follows up a lead, a bar owner tells her his produce guy saw someone unfamiliar at his mosque.

Annie heads to the mosque and peeks in, but doesn't see Boris. She sees a woman pick up a food tray from a room off the courtyard. Annie draws her gun and sneaks inside, where she finds Ryan McQuaid and two of his armed men. She's angry that McQuaid is obviously looking for Boris. Before they can talk more, the imam arrives and is angry that Annie is armed. McQuaid appeals to the imam's sexism and asks to speak to him alone, so Annie talks to his daughter, who only says she spoke briefly with the man who stayed there last night.

Later outside the mosque, McQuaid apologizes to Annie for the man-to-man move and suggests they work together. He just wants an hour alone with Boris to ask him a few questions before he turns him over to the CIA. Annie is annoyed he's not more forthcoming, and then more annoyed when he arrogantly says she needs his help.

She says she'll find Boris on her own, then slips her phone onto McQuaid's black SUV. Later, Annie calls Auggie to track him, certain the McQuaid got info from the imam.

Calder asks Joan to find out from Arthur what McQuaid's intentions are in Venezuela.

She calls Arthur, but he thought McQuaid was in Brussels. Joan apologizes for asking. Annie arrives where McQuaid's signal stopped and sees Boris being hustled off the street by a man, who gives him a bag. But before Annie can approach him, Ryan McQuaid shows up and fires on the man when he draws a gun. He shoots Boris, wounding him, and Annie and McQuaid chase Boris but lose him in the crowd.

Annie and McQuaid briefly yell at each other before she goes to ID the body of Boris's only known contact. She pats him down and finds a Latvian passport. She grabs his wallet from his pocket as the police arrive. When the police follow her, she drops a wallet and walks away from it before talking to them.

Back at Langley, Auggie gets word of the shots fired near Annie's last location. Back in his office, Hailey Price with NCTC waits to talk to him about Chicago. He quickly gets annoyed at her questions and starts to leave. She explains she has top clearance to investigate and the Director of National Intelligence wants to make sure they don't have any more vulnerabilities to terrorism.

On a street in Maracaibo, Annie and Ryan sit on the curb in cuffs and bicker/flirt. Rian's guys paid off people around the mosque until a newspaperman said he saw the bus Boris got on.

He tries to recruit Annie but she laughs at him. He tells her she can still do good for her country and get paid for it. She turns him down.

One of Rian's men pays off a cop to let him go, but he leaves Annie in cuffs. Then he picks up the wallet from the dead man she grabbed and she can only laugh at he drops it down a sewer grate.

Caitlin Cook, McQuaid's assistant, drops by Arthur's office, asking to strategize ways to respond to McQuaid's efforts in Venezuela. She suggests they talk over dinner and Arthur agrees, even though he told Joan he'd be home.

Back in Venezuela, Annie talks her way of out her cuffs by saying she's in the country for cheap breast implants. She gets her passport back, but not her medication.

Annie calls Auggie with the Latvian passport info and tells him to check hospitals for Boris. Calder drops by briefly to chew Annie out for being a step behind McQuaid, then Auggie finds that the imam's 19-year-old daughter Asha just did an internet search on gunshot wounds and then placed an order as a pharmacy.

Annie follows her from the pharmacy to a hotel, but Asha gets spooked by one of McQuaid's men waiting outside. Two of McQuaid's men follow Asha, but loser her. Annie finds her and warns her that Boris is dangerous and has killed people.

Asha goes with Annie and takes her to a house where she says Boris is. Annie grabs a tire iron from her trunk and tells Asha to go home.

Annie peeks into the house and sees Boris bleeding inside, but he sees her and runs off, limping. She chases after him, following him to a dock where she whacks him with her tire iron and fights him off as he attacks. She knocks him out but then has an attack. As she's fading out of consciousness, she sees McQuaid and his men pulling up in a motor boat.

Annie wakes up in a room being examined by one of McQuaid's doctors. Boris is in the next room, patched up. Annie tells the doctor she has myocarditis, a heart condition, and lost her nitrates. He says he'll get her more.

Annie checks in with Auggie, telling him she's going to use McQuaid's team to get Boris back and that McQuaid got his hour with him, but has no idea what they discussed. She is vague about where she was the past few hours.

Arthur comes home late from work and tells Joan about dinner with Caitlyn.

Drinking at a bar, Auggie hears Hailey at the other end and sends her a shot. It leads them back to his apartment, making out furiously. "I like to be in charge, I hope that's OK," she says. It works for Auggie.

Back in Venezuela, McQuaid loads Boris into the trunk of his BMW to cross the border. He tells Annie he won't tell Langley about her heart condition. Annie joins him and two guys in the car for the trip.


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