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'Covert Affairs' Season 5 Spoilers: Annie's Explosive Return!


Covert Affairs ended last season with Annie headed out of Hong Kong after killing the traitor Henry Wilcox as Joan ( and Arthur welcomed their new son into the world.
As Covert Affairs Season 5 begins, Annie attempts to reclaim her life, but it's unlikely to be an easy road personally or professionally.


USA has released information about new cast members and several short video clips which each provide some insight into what will happen when the series returns on June 24.
Covert Affairs Season 5 series regulars will include the returning stars: Piper Perabo (Annie), Christopher Gorham (Auggie), Hill Harper (Calder), Kari Matchett (Joan), and Peter Gallagher (Arthur).
Nic Bishop will join the cast as Ryan McQuaid, a former Navy SEAL and current billionaire private contractor. Ryan and Annie reluctantly work together on a mission. As their relationship intensifies, Annie worries that Ryan may be working his own secret agenda.
Check out the below videos for spoilers about what's coming up for Annie. For more insight, read to the end for some of the guest stars who will be showing up.
"Something's going to happen today." - Annie
Annie's been all over the world for the CIA. Her new mission takes off after an explosion hits the CIA hard. Calder assigns her a mission. Annie's back!
Annie's Back
Annie's been gone for four months and she's back to fight against terrorists. Auggie and Calder are still working together when she comes in from the dark. She's given a lie detector test and questioned.
"There's nothing more to say." - Annie
Annie gets back into the field and into danger. Why does she give herself a shot in the leg?
New Partner!
"I was expecting you to be a little more ... dead." - Ryan McQuaid
Annie was sent out on a mission by herself when she teams up with Ryan. Does she need his help? She clearly doesn't think so.
Safe? No. Foot chase, car chase, guns, towels, bleeding men on a toilet, more guns!
"I'm not most spies." - Annie
Guest Stars
Several guest stars have been announced. Perrey Reeves (Entourage) will play Caitlyn, the COO at McQuaid Security.  She's the top female executive in a man's world and doesn't hesitate to take control or speak her mind.
Amy Jo Johnson (Flashpoint) will star as Hayley, an investigator with the National Counter Terrorism Center (NCTC) who will face off with Auggie when the intelligence community faces a united threat.
Nazneen Contractor (24) is the mysterious Sydney. She's Calder's new love interest and may have a secret of her own.
Max Martini (Crisis) will shake things up as Nathan Mueller, an ex-CIA operative who disappeared mysteriously and then suddenly resurfaces.
Michael A. Goorjian will portray Borz Altan, a former U.S. soldier who has grown disillusioned with the ideals of the American Dream.
Covert Affairs Season 5 premieres on Tuesday, June 24 at 10pm ET on USA.
- Carla Day/buddy TV

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