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COVERT AFFAIRS Recap: Annie's keeping secrets (USA)


Season 5 Episode 1

"Shady Lane"

After four months of being "dark," Agent Annie Walker emerges from the shadows to rejoin the DPD. A terrorist threat thrusts Annie back into the field, where she encounters a man named Ryan McQuaid...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



Annie comes home to DC incognito. Then she steps off the Metro, removes her sweatshirt hood and lets the surveillance camera get a full view of her face.

At Langley, Auggie is alerted to the footage. Joan, at home with Arthur and their young son, gets the news.

Auggie reports to Calder that he got a message from Annie to meet in an hour. She's been off the grid for four months and it's the first anyone has heard from her.

Auggie goes to meet her, she's ready to come back to work -- but she wanted to talk to him first. She wants Auggie to be her handler again, but without emotional attachments. He's good with that.

Auggie takes Annie back to Langley, where she submits to a polygraph. She says she was on a beach for four months.

The machine says she's telling the truth, but Calder and Auggie can tell she's lying.

They ask her what she's holding back, but Calder is interrupted by a priority call about Khalid Ansari -- he's in Chicago. Calder sends Annie there.

Charles Schniderman, an old friend of Auggie's, meets Annie on the tarmac. They're trying to figure out how Khalid got into the US. After Annie talked to Khalid in Amsterdam, he killed his father like they'd hope he would. Annie suggests the Chicago agents check high end hotels with high priced escorts.

By the time they get to the Chicago black site, someone has already followed Annie's tip and located Khalid at a hotel. Annie goes with the team of agents. Before they bust down his door, Annie notices a disturbed maid's cart. They hear a woman's cries from behind another door and bust that open to find Khalid has taken the maid hostage. Annie tells the other agents to put down their guns and tries to reach Khalid by assuring him she can protect him. He's surprised that she doesn't know that reason he's in Chicago. "If these people could do this to me, what chance do you think you have?" he says.

Annie has no idea what he means. When Khalid starts to turn the gun on Annie, Charles gives a sniper the order to fire.

Annie is angry at Charles for giving the order to have Khalid killed. She thinks he wouldn't have shot her and is upset to lose their lead, but she's resolved to figure the situation out.

Back at Langley, Joan returns from maternity leave. Auggie tells her he's not sure what Annie was up to for four months, and that they're not back together.

Back in Chicago, agents found $800,000 in US bills in the lining of Khalid's suitcase. The Saudi spy agency raided his condo in Ryad and found a local contact named Borz Altan in his safe.

He's a Muslim Crimean-American and was a sergeant in the army, but his service was cut short due to chronic migraines. He went on to work for McQuade security. He has a younger brother named Mykola who travels to Yemen a lot.

Joan goes into her meeting with the DCI, but finds Calder inside instead, also waiting. The Deputy DCI joins them and informs them he's keeping Calder as DCS and putting Joan into her old job as head of the Domestic Protection Division. They both thought there'd be a vetting process and are pissed, but handle the news.

Joe keeps Calder back to tell him he'll be on an interim basis until he gets his "s---" together. Calder seems to know what this is referring to.

Calder follows Joan to apologize for, essentially, taking her job. He tells her Arthur didn't do her any favors, "a spy's place is in the shadows."

Annie goes to Borz' house and says she's with the VA. His sister Oksana, a doctor in their home country who now works as a nurse, answers the door. Annie says he could be due more money and asks him a few questions for a form. She asks him for his old military ID and looks around the house when he goes to get it. She finds a Muslim prayer and special plates. She makes excuses and leaves quickly, then leaves Charles a message saying the family is mourning a martyr before an attack -- something is going to happen today.

Annie follows Borz in her car when he leaves the house shortly after her. She continues on foot after he crosses a park and heads down alleys. Annie runs after him, but gets light headed and grabs her chest. She crumples to her feet and injects herself with something, struggling to catch her breath and fight off tears.

She calls Dr. Goen as Lisa Morton and leaves a message that she just "had an episode."

Back in the office, Annie wants to pull Borz and Oksana in, but Charles thinks they need more info. Annie wants to talk to Ryan McQuaid. They get him on the phone -- flying his own private jet. He diverts from Texas and meets her at a landing strip.

Annie is surprised when he knows about Khalid's death. She asks what he knows about Borz and he says all he knows is Borz likes Mustangs. Annie direct and to the point with him, and he's impressed. He gives her his card. She's almost offended at the job offer, but he clarifies that he's asking her out to dinner.

Auggies finishes up his judo class and his hot instructor offers to help him review his moves, but he gets a call from Annie asking him to look into Borz's Mustang.

In the middle of the day, Calder finishes up rolling around a hotel bed with a very attractive married woman named Sydney. He gives her a scrambled cell phone to contact him with going forward.

Now in DC, McQuad meets with Arthur, his former Annapolis mentor. He knows Joan got passed over for DCI. McQuaid offers Arthur a job, admitting he needs Arthur's connections to build his business. Arthur promises to think about it.

Auggie tells Annie where to find Borz's Mustang, which sits alone in an empty parking lot. She finds a man's body in the trunk.

Later, the victim is ID'd as a man who works on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade. Annie realizes that's the target.

In Langley, they try to determine whether to close trading and possibly set off panic or perform a quiet sweep -- Annie's suggestion, which Joan backs. Calder votes for the sweep, which Joan appreciates. "You got a raw deal, Joan, but it's good to have you back in the DPD," Calder says.

Annie a team prepare to hit the floor, looking for Borz's younger brother Mykola, who looks like the dead trader in the trunk.

Inside, agents scan the crowd of traders. Annie sees Mykola walking up the stairs toward her. She starts to follow him but he sees her and runs. She calls for back-up and Charles and the other agents quickly grab him, expecting to stop detonation of a suicide vest. But he's clean.

In the van to the black site, Charles roughs up Mykola, demanding to know what they were up to.

As the van pulls into the black site, Annie thinks she sees Oksana sitting in a car outside the building. She goes to check it out as Charles and the other agents take Mykola down to their holding facility.

Sitting in her car, Oksana calls Borz and tells him "they're inside."

Inside the site, surrounded by dozens of agents, Charlie notices Mykola is bleeding from his stomach. They open his shirt as Borz is dialing Mykola's cell number and saying good-bye.

Charlie opens Mykola's shirt and sees bleeding stitches as Borz hits send. Mykola explodes, taking out everyone near him.

Annie sees the blast from outside and fires at Oksana as she drives off, hitting her in the shoulder. When Oksana goes for her gun, Annie has to shoot her in the head.

Calder updates the troops at Langley, including that Borz is still missing and the Altans somehow had information about the CIA's secret facility and their procedures. They believe Oksana implanted the IED in Mikola. All 12 people at the facility died.

The explosion is called an electrical fire in the news.

Back at Langley, Auggie mourns the death of his good friend.

Annie looks through the wreckage until she finds the coin that Charles always carried.

Calder arrives in Chicago, where Annie is upset that their own procedures were used against them. She and Calder are both sure that the Altans didn't act alone. Calder agrees to put her on the case and she resolves to give it everything she's got.

From home, Arthur calls Ryan McQuaid to accept the job offer. McQuad says he's heading out of town for the weekend and asks Arthur to start Monday.

Annie returns to Langley and gives Auggie Charlie's coin. It's been eight months since Annie was in the DPD. Before she rejoins the fray, Auggie asks her what she's been up to the past four months. "There's nothing to say, you can trust me," she says.


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