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10 Puppies and Us

Could this dog save lives? - 10 Puppies and Us: Episode 2 Preview - BBC Two

Dog owner, Will Davis, gets nervous about how much training will be needed to turn border collier, Jura, into a rescue dog.

Every year, we welcome a quarter of a million puppies into our homes and in this series we follow ten of them. We explore how the nation's favourite pet develops, learns and adapts to their new world, but also the profound effects they can have on the lives of their owners, capturing both the mayhem and delight a new puppy brings, from toilet training and first walks to sleepless nights and getting used to their new owners. On hand to offer our families expert advice is dog behaviourist Louise Glazebrook.

In this episode, we meet 32-year-old telephone psychic Delia as she goes in search of a big breed dog to live with her in her two-bedroom London flat. Louise arranges for her to try before she buys with a visit from great dane Hank and leonberger Nelson.

Cocker spaniel Poppy joins the Vaughan family in leafy Surrey. Poppy gets the undivided attention of the children, but three-year-old Isadora is a bit too eager to play when Poppy wants to rest. When Poppy bites back, Louise arrives to offer advice on puppies and young children.

We return to the Scottish Highlands as border collie Jura faces an assessment in her bid to become an avalanche search and rescue dog. And we drop in on golden retriever Lola as she battles it out with owner Claire. Lola is stubbornly refusing to walk without being fed sausages. Will a visit from Louise see a truce be called?


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