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Could David Beckham Come Knocking on Your Door? Catch a Peek at Last Night's Premiere of 'Knock Knock'!

Knock knock!

(Who's there?)

It's Fox's most inevitably heartwarming new show, Knock Knock Live!

The new series, which is produced byRyan Seacrest, sends celebrities like David Beckham and Ariana Grande to the homes of unsuspecting families to give them the opportunity to win thousands of dollars, and if that doesn't sound like a thing that will absolutely make you smile, then you must have the coldest heart in the world.

Tonight's premiere follows soccer star David Beckham as he visits the Gonzalez family in Chino Hills, CA with a massive surprise, as if David Beckham showing up at the door of this soccer-obsessed family's house wasn't enough.

Now, when we say soccer-obsessed, we absolutely mean it. Claudia and Victor Gonzalez met when Victor was unsuccessfully trying out for the LA Galaxy, and bonded over their love for the sport while building a family with a serious passion for sports and games of all kinds.

While you'll have to wait to watch the show to find out what Beckham is actually doing there, you can get your first look at his visit with the exclusive photos below!

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Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 8.21.48 AM

Seacrest will host the in-studio portion of the show, and other celebs will host from the field, including Tyler Posey, Kellie Pickler, and Ross Matthews.

Aside from Beckham, the show has lined up an impressive (and varied) list of celebrities ready to surprise some of their biggest and most deserving fans, including Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Luke Bryan, Rob Gronkowski, Mike Holmes, Lea Michele, Common, Florida Georgia Line, Rita Ora, Martha Stewart, Robin Thicke and Meghan Trainor.

Be sure to tune in for the series premiere tonight at 9 p.m. on Fox, and we would probably recommend having some tissues handy, just in case the feels get out of hand.

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