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STRICT EMBARGO Monday 1 November 2016 

Coronation Street - Ep 9032

Thursday 10 November 2016

Having set the table for a romantic dinner with Gary Windass [MIKEY NORTH], Bethany Platt [LUCY FALLON] pops out to buy some candles. Meanwhile Sarah Platt [TINA O’BRIEN] heads over to Nick’s flat intent on an evening of peace and quiet. Sarah lets herself in but is taken aback to see the table set for two and a meal in the oven. Gary arrives and together they assume Bethany must have set them up and has given them her blessing. But with Bethany hurrying back to the flat with her finishing touches, what will she find?

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Photographer - Mark Bruce

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Corrie’s Lucy Fallon: Gary compliments Bethany and the besotted teen makes a move!

Bethany Platt misreads all of Gary’s signals in Coronation Street and thinks she’s having a date with him, Lucy Fallon tells Soaplife. But it ends in total humiliation for the teenager…

Bethany’s developed quite a crush on Gary, hasn’t she?
“It’s because he’s been so nice to her. She seems fine because the bullying’s stopped at school, but there’s been a lot going on at home and Gary [Mikey North] knows she’s not as together as she seems.”

How does Bethany’s ‘dinner date’ with Gary come about?
“He compliments her on a new hairdo and she reckons it must mean he fancies her, too. It gives her the confidence to ask him round for a candle-lit dinner for two when she knows she’ll have Uncle Nick’s flat to herself. She even keeps the hairdo in for their date!”

What does Bethany think is going to happen on the date?
“She’s put a lasagne in the oven and candles on the table. This is Bethany’s way of trying to show Gary that she’s grown up. She wants it to be just the two of them on an intimate level, so she can tell him she has feelings for him – and she hopes he’ll say it back.”

And he agrees to come to dinner…
“But Gary thinks the family will be there, too. When he arrives, Bethany isn’t there, but Sarah [Tina O’Brien] is. Gary thinks Bethany’s set up this romantic evening for them.”

So why is Sarah there and not Bethany?
“Bethany’s gone to get more candles and Sarah’s arrived home after her shift at the Rovers is cancelled. Sarah thinks she’ll have a quiet night in and finds Gary at the flat. As Sarah is returning, she sees Gary and Sarah smooching on the balcony.”

What does Bethany do?
“Nothing really, but she feels very foolish, humiliated, and embarrassed. She’s not angry with Sarah because she knows it’s not Sarah’s fault. But it chips away at her confidence.”

And how does she feel about Gary?
“Bethany still has feelings for him and she’ll find it very difficult if Gary’s around all the time as her mum’s boyfriend.”

Would she cause trouble for the couple?
“Accidentally, maybe, but not on purpose. Bethany knows that everybody’s been through a lot and she’s grown up a lot, too. She doesn’t set out to hurt people any more.”

Wouldn’t Bethany be better off looking for a boyfriend her own age?
“The problem is that Bethany thinks anybody her age is really immature. She had feelings for Callum and now she has feelings for Gary. She’s always interested in her mum’s men! Bethany’s vulnerable and this will cause problems in the future…”

Coronation Street, ITV


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