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Coronation Street: Will Sarah abort her baby? (Monday)

Sarah Platt

Todd reminds Sarah how devastated she was when she lost baby Billy and implores her to think twice about her abortion. Later, Kylie finds Sarah at the abortion clinic and tells her that Max is Callum’s son too, but she loves him. Will Sarah go through with it?

When Johnny receives a package, Liz, Carla and Kate are intrigued, but Johnny snaps, telling them it’s none of their business. Will Johnny confess his dilemma to anyone?

Eileen admits to Michael she retrieved his Awards invite from the bin and booked them a table at the Bistro. Will Michael finally snap and reveal the truth?

Dev and Mary watch proudly as Aadi and Asha play Joseph and Mary at the school Nativity play. David and Kylie are delighted with Max’s performance…

7:30pm, Monday, 14 December 2015 | ITV

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