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Coronation Street: Will Jason Survive?!


The doctors explain Jason might never walk or talk again. When the police question Todd about Jason's assault, he's deeply hurt to realise none of his family bothered to contact him. He turns up at the hospital but overhears Eileen expressing a shocking truth…

Nick's and Carla have spent the night together, but she reminds him that she's still moving to LA. Later, Erica tells Nick she knows Carla has his heart. Carla’s old friend Aidan arrives wanting to invest in the factory. Butho told him it was for sale?

Caitlin’s impressed when Craig tells her that he got an ‘A’ in his GCSE Art exam. Dougie suggests they take Hope to the nearest hospital. Will she be ok?

Also, will Kylie and David realise the truth when Max begs his mum to keep Callum away?

7:30pm, Friday, 21 August 2015 | ITV

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