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Coronation Street: Who pushed Ken Barlow?

Ken is aghast when the police inform him that someone left him for dead. Unable to remember anything, he takes exception when Mackinnon hints that a family member could be responsible. He eyes his family with suspicion, desperately trying to jog his memory and as they start bickering, Ken suddenly hits the panic button.

Adam admits he never went back to Canada leaving Tracy, Daniel and Peter even more wary of his lies. When Adam threatens to expose her drug smuggling, will Rosie give him an alibi?.

Back from the hospital Daniel explains to Sinead that Ken has no memory of the night he was attacked and therefore still thinks she’s pregnant. Will they tell him the truth?

Elsewhere, Simon asks Peter to retrieve his confiscated mobile phone. Audrey breaks her arm. However Craig lets slip to Gary that he has no plans with Faye making Anna suspicious.

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