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Coronation Street: Tina O'Brien fears her days on The Street are numbered

Tina O'Brien fears her days on The Street are numbered

Tina O’Brien, who plays Coronation Street favourite Sarah Platt, has revealed she's unsure whether or not her character will survive when new boss Kate Oates takes over at the long-running soap next year. 

The 32-year-old actress said she hoped to stay in Weatherfield for a long while yet. "There is so much more room for Sarah to develop, so I'm here for the foreseeable, as long as they want me," she told The Sun. But she added: "I think everyone gets a bit nervous that they are going to be axed when there's a new boss.

“If I get a call summoning me to Kate's office, I'll be like: 'Oh. My. Goodness...," added the star, whose first appearance as Sarah was back in October 1999.

The daughter of Brian Tilsley and Gail Tilsley, Sarah’s had a troubled life. One of her earliest storylines was her ground-breaking underage pregnancy which saw her give birth to Bethany and struggle to cope with teenage motherhood.

Since then there has been much teenage rivalry, a string of disastrous (and killer!) stepdads and her ill-fated relationship with bad-boy drug dealer Callum Logan.

With the actress insisting that she’d like to be in the soap for "as long as they  want me”, fans will undoubtedly be eager to be assured that she’s to be spared in any planned ‘cull’ by the incoming boss.

Coronation Street continues on Monday at 7.30pm


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