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Coronation Street: Tim rips up his wedding invite (Monday)

Tim Metcalfe

As Sally makes last minute preparations for her wedding, Sophie tells Kevin she fears Sally’s having a breakdown, refusing to accept the wedding is off. Bumping into Tim, Sally begs him to change his mind But is it too little too late for Tim?

Carla’s stunned when Aidan’s dad Johnny and sister Kate burst into the factory demanding to see Aidan. She’s further shocked when it becomes clear that Aidan hasn’t been entirely truthful with her…

Tyrone leaves Fiz a note and heads to work at the crack of dawn. Will he be too exhausted to take Hope to hospital for a scan later?

Yasmeen investigates private prosecutions. Sharif urges her to forget Tracy and focus on helping Alya and Zeedan move on.

7:30pm, Monday, 5 October 2015 | ITV


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