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Coronation Street: Nathan has Bethany right where he wants her.

With Bethany in earshot, Nathan fakes a call to his bank, feigning financial problems. Mel lies to Bethany, telling her the bank is threatening to close down the salon. Alone in the flat Bethany’s startled when a guy calls to collect Nathan’s camera equipment. When he returns to find the equipment gone he tears into Bethany. As she sobs Nathan apologises for his rant, explaining the equipment belongs to Neil. Nathan says Neil has a soft spot for Bethany, maybe if she meets him for a drink it will go some way to making amends. Will Bethany agree?

Rosie finds Leah skulking outside No.4. Leah makes out she wanted to check Sally hadn’t had any more messages from her step-mum. Uneasy Rosie tells Sophie.


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