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Coronation Street: Guilty Ayla is pushed to the limit

Alya Nazir

Izzy and Eva quiz Alya about her wedding plans, but Alya can't cope and flees from the factory. At home Yasmeen shows Alya her mother’s wedding dress, suggesting she might like to wear it at her own wedding. In tears will Alya be forced to tell Gary the truth?

Tyrone admits to Kevin he’s in financial trouble as he never got round to cancelling the Lapland trip. Kevin offers to lend him some money, but will Tyrone accept? Meanwhile, Sophie has a suggestion for Kevin.

Ken invites Audrey, Roy and Cathy round for dinner. But how will Audrey react when Rita comments on how much time she is spending with Ken?

Mary decides to write a book about her life. Aidan tries to chat up Eva. Kate and Sophie nearly come to blows.

7:30pm, Wednesday, 28 October 2015 | ITV

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