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Coronation Street: Callum leaves Jason for dead (VIDEO)

David refuses to let Callum see Max and sensing trouble, a fiery Jason runs over and sends Callum packing. Furious, Callum gets two of his mates to help drag Jason into the ginnel, intent on showing him who’s boss. But when Max sneaks out of the house will he see his father's true colours?

Alya convinces her grandparents to support her financially in her bid to buy the factory. Carla promises to consider her offer, but is Sally ready to rise to the challenge?

Craig is delighted when Caitlin announces she's going to stay at camp instead of spending 24 hours in the wild with Dougie, Chesney, Sinead and Tyrone. Kirk and Beth go skinny-dipping. Meanwhile, Fiz notices the chemistry between Craig and Caitlin.

Also, Carla announces that she's going to LA next week.

8:30pm, Wednesday, 19 August 2015 | ITV

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