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Coronation Street: A seething Michelle vows revenge

Michelle is heartbroken to see the photo of Steve with Oli and is determined to take revenge. Meanwhile Leanne’s alarmed to learn that Nick’s organised a meeting to discuss stopping Steve getting access to Oli. As Nick and Leanne meet with the solicitor in the bistro, Michelle arrives with Robert. Realising what’s going on Michelle texts the photo of Steve, Liz and Oli to Nick. A simmering Nick is fuming when he sees the picture and later threatens Steve telling him to back off!

Bethany panics when Sarah insists on taking her to the doctors for contraception as she has already had the implant. How will she get out of this one? Later on Bethany arrives at Nathan’s party and all the guests, except Mel, are men. Will she smell a rat and is the teen in danger?

When Gail spots David and Maria enjoying a drink together she decides they’d make a great couple.

 Faye returns from the tattoo parlour with her new ink. Mum Anna’s going to love this one!

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