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Season 3 Episode 1

"Minute by Minute"

Kiera risks everything to stop Alec from altering history in his quest to save Emily, but can the mysterious group Kiera aligned herself with be trusted?

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Continuum S03E01-pic1

If you could travel to the past for a chance to save the future, would you risk leaving behind your life, your family, your future? Law enforcer Kiera Cameron wasn’t given a choice in the year 2077, when a conspiracy sent her over six decades back in time to track down a cell of temporal fugitives. In modern-day Vancouver, she’s doing her job and maintaining her cover while holding out hope that she can eventually get home — assuming the home she knew still exists. Keira has learned the hard way that the only time she can trust anyone is now, and it might not be a question of how her dystopian adventure ends so much as when, of if.
Continuum S03E01-pic2
Kiera and Garza: “Would you PLEASE stop humming?” “I’m not humming.” “Well, I’M not humming… uh-oh.”

When is Alec Sadler?” It’s a question not easily answered, as Kiera, imprisoned by the freelancers/privateers at the end of Continuum Season 2, undergoes interrogation. She knows no more than do her captors: Alec has gone back in time to try to prevent his girlfriend’s execution, without realizing that removing himself from the main timeline will impact future-history’s progress. The freelancers, it is revealed, are time-travelling non-cops, self-appointed and self-described “guardians” working to prevent criminal abuse of the timestream. Head freelancer Catherine asks Kiera to join the group; Kiera refuses, telling them that they are no better than Liber8 or anyone who would manipulate the order of things. A chance stairwell encounter with an under-transportation Liber8 captive results in both Kiera and her frenemy Garza killing their guards and escaping together into the prison complex’s steam tunnels. It’s a short-lived escape (literally for Garza, who is killed). Kiera reluctantly agrees to work with freelancers when it becomes apparent that the current timeline is self-destructing; because she never belonged in the past — any past — she can escape, using freelancer technology, to follow Alec.
Continuum S03E01-pic3
Alec and Emily: Like the saying goes, execution and one-week time displacement make the heart grow fonder.

Unbeknownst to anyone but himself, Alec has indeed gone back in time: by exactly one week. He immediately locates Emily, Kellog and Jason (letting the latter in on his true from-one-week-in-the-future identity), and wastes no time stirring up anti-Escher paranoia. His argument is sound even if he’s using it as a distraction: Where Liber8 is quasi-religious, not entirely dissimilar to the freelancers, Escher is an opportunist/capitalist who wants to preserve the future as-was, for one reason only: because it’s in his best interests. The fact that Escher is Alec’s father and Jason is Alec’s son — both of them (in fact, all three of them) time-displaced — does not influence Alec’s agenda. He visits the Kiera of the one-week-ago timeline and sets her on a path to discover the time-disruptor ARC device that launched his trip. One factor he does not anticipate (and of which he is not yet aware) is Emily’s rebellious assassination of her blackmailer, Escher.
Continuum S03E01-pic4
Kiera and Garza: The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

With Kiera’s arrival, the alternate, week-old timeline becomes the only timeline. On a whim, she sets Garza free from her cell; whether this act will help her or prove to be something she regrets later, only time will tell. Once again recaptured by the freelancers, this time voluntarily, Kiera explains her new mission, and offers “proof”: Catherine from the now-dead timeline had given Kiera the official freelancer tattoo. Two Alecs cannot, should not viably exist; one will have to be permanently removed, which is to say killed. How will Kiera determine which Alec is the “right” Alec to save? Even she does not know, but understands she has the best chance of making the correct decision. By extension, two Kieras also cannot exist. The episode ends with a mind-blowing twist, as Alec discovers Kiera, murdered, only to turn around and see...Kiera.
Continuum S03E01-pic5
Kiera and Alec and...Kiera: Yep, there’s something wrong with this picture.


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