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Season 3 Episode 6

"Wasted Minute"

Kiera and an emotionally unravelling Carlos must stop Liber8 from committing a devastating chemical attack on the city...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]


Continuum S03E06-pic2
Travis and Sonya confront a Sonmanto security guard. Recommended course of action: don’t shoot, and don’t ask questions later.

A true shocker of an opening sequence for this week’s episode of Continuum as we see Kiera do something we have never before seen her do: give up. In a flash-forward sequence set in an updated year that is later identified as post-2066, Kiera is remanded in a biohazard ward along with a sea of fellow patients; they are all victims of chemical warfare, and they are all dying, painfully. When a ward doctor tells her the cure is en route and she only needs to hang on a little bit longer, she refuses to believe him and — here’s the shocker for the viewers — attempts to use a hidden gun to kill herself, to end the misery that she feels has become unendurable. The cure arrives at that very moment; the literal nick of time. We do not know if Kiera would have pulled that trigger, but it’s fascinating to see her resolve falter. She is, after all, human; fallible; capable of errors in judgement. Protagonists on action shows are often infallible, and always making the right choices; portrayed as human, they are often supra-human. Give me a real person, with doubts and complications, any time. I’m not sure how this revelation about Kiera will play out in the long term, but it could provide fascinating grist.

Continuum S03E06-pic3
Kiera confronts “young” Alec. Recommended course of action: kissing is always better than killing.

The crux of this week’s episode is indeed chemical warfare. Liber8 leaders Travis and Sonya reveal what is likely enough to be (albeit not yet officially) the reason for their recent series of safety deposit box heists: they are trying to prevent the “corporate congress” that runs the future. You see, year-2077 Alec’s evil empire is controlled by a series of huge corporations operating in collusion; Liber8 believes that the collusion began in 2014, when corporate espionage is an everyday occurrence. The “secrets” they’ve been stealing have been espionage documents — the paper trails of what each corporation knows about other corporations. Their goal is to prevent conglomeration by removing the chance of takeover via illegally obtained insider information. (If Liber8’s violent M.O. is rarely justifiable, we must nonetheless reluctantly give the group credit for seeing the big picture and trying to effect change.) At the Sonmanto corporation’s chemical factory, Travis and Sonya use a hazmat tanker truck to steal the components for what will become “Solution #16” in the far future’s Frontier War (the only missing ingredients are insect repellant, toilet cleaner and oxygen. Eep!). They threaten to use it on the public in order to get Sonmanto to dissolve; they fail — Kiera and Carlos stops them — but the chemical agent is brought to the publicès attention, and we later see Sonya and Travis synthesizing an immunity serum from Travis’s DNA. Their slow, slow movement towards...heroism(?), continues.

Continuum S03E06-pic4
Kiera confronts the Alecs, and one of them must be taken down. Recommended course of action: watch the “Mirror, Mirror” episode of Star Trek.

We’ve already seen Emily choose sides in the “old” Alec vs. “young” Alec dispute; she went with the latter, and the only thing that the lovers now want to do is run away into the world, disappeared but with “old” Alec still alive, keeping two Alecs in the timeline and essentially, selfishly, putting time itself in jeopardy. The freelancers tell Keira that the time has come to eliminate one Alec. We know that she trusts “young” Alec more than “old” Alec because “old” Alec has already broken ethical and temporal mores in order to serve his own desires. Still, she knows deep down inside that “young” Alec has inadvertently been pushed onto the course of becoming year-2077 Alec because of “old” Alec’s machinations. There is every reason to stop — remove — either of them. We don’t yet fully know why she chooses as she does, but she does take down “old” Alec. (Emily disappears into the night, but I doubt we’ve seen the last of her.) Rather than kill her friend, she banishes him to the freelancer lockup where we have previously seen her imprisoned, along with Garza and countless other unidentified time criminals. (So, it’s quite possible we’ve not yet seen the last of him, either.) No sooner has “old” Alec been locked up than the computer program “young” Alec wrote to rebuild the CMR on “young” (and dead) Kiera completes itself, and her executioner is revealed to be freelancer Curtis. “A freelance freelancer?” she asks him at gunpoint, herself surrounded by armed freelancers. What happens next… will happen next episode.

Continuum S03E06-pic5
Kiera confronts her killer, Curtis. Recommended course of action: ask questions first, shoot later.



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