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CONAN - Will Arnett's Controversial Miley Cyrus Panties Retweet!


Will caught some flak for his tweet but he's gonna do whatever it takes to promote "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles."


CONAN: You have to be happy about "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles". I know I was making up the figures. It kicked ass over the weekend. What do you think the secret is behind yourself.

WILL ARNETT: Thank you for not making me say that. No, yeah, you know I am very, very excited. I don't know what?-- first of all, look, you've got?-- in my mind it's like you've got the four teenage mutant ninja turtles who totally kick ass and Megan fox and no Jason Bateman. I feel liken having him in the mix is a perfect ingredient.

Andy: I think they'll start an awards category of "no Bateman"

WILL ARNETT: The non-Bateman goes to?--

CONAN: Does he ever tire of your salvos at him?

WILL ARNETT: No. It's the only thing. We are truly like brothers in that way and I truly do dislike him, so for me?--

CONAN: Megan fox, incredible. What an incredible very nice, but in person I get to see everybody in person. She's so stunning it takes your breath away.

WILL ARNETT: Yeah, she is. My nephew came down to see the premiere and my 12-year-old?-- I thought, like, great, I'm going to big time it for him and his uncle's in this big movie. First know this he says, am I going to meet Megan fox? I was like, you little ingrid.

CONAN: My mom will say, I'll say, watch the show tonight? She said, who's on? You're like, me! Yeah, we'll see.

WILL ARNETT: It's one of those weird things about show business. You're parents are like we're not that impressed with you, but that guy's great.

CONAN: That other guy. You did a lot to promote "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" including you reTweeted a picture of Miley Cyrus's wearing her underwear. I think we have the photo here.

WILL ARNETT: Yeah. She Tweeted that out and I figured out if you retweet a person's crotch maybe it will go viral.

CONAN: So just because?--

WILL ARNETT: Look, I know it's terrible and it's O.C.D.

CONAN: I know. Just because she was wearing underwear you thought this will help even more. If this gets three other people in the movie theatres.

WILL ARNETT: I feel like a lot of people were disgusted by t I didn't take the photo, you know. Andy: And she does seem very proud of her vagina.

WILL ARNETT: In my defense. And my lawyer's.

CONAN: Your Honor?--

WILL ARNETT: Your Honor, she seems very proud of her vagina. And I'm at the desk like this looking at the jury. Case dismissed.

CONAN: Let's talk and your Netflix series "Bojack Horseman". This is not your average plot this story.

WILL ARNETT: No. Well I mean it is in that it is about a guy who has got a human body and a horse head and he lives in a world inhabited by humans and animals and also he's a former '90s sitcom star who is in the process of writing his life story. So in that sense it's kind of?-- [laughter]

Andy: Wait, that's it?

WILL ARNETT: Yeah. The pitch was a no-brainer.

CONAN: It really is. It really is about a former '90s sitcom star who happens have to a horse's head and human body.

WILL ARNETT: He's going through a tough time and it's a really?-- it's a very subversive and it's me and Aaron Paul and Alison brie and a lot of really funny people associated with the show and on Netflix and I'm really excited about it and I think it's very different.

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